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Today, you’re getting two posts for the price of one – you lucky lot! I was tagged by Katie, from Katie Middleton to do the £20 Makeup Challenge TAG & it just so happened that I only used 5 products, so as well as being a £20 Makeup Challenge, it’s also a 5 product face post. You’re welcome!

I do just have to point out here that I cheated a little. While I didn’t use any brushes to complete this look, I did use my No7 Eyelash Curler, which I didn’t include in my total. I’ve also included a sample of the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, which cost me nothing, as I only have sample high-end mascaras at the moment & want to use these up before buying any more. On this note, I should also say out that I didn’t want to go out & buy a whole face of makeup. Instead, I chose to pick products I already have in my collection – after all, this is a budget makeup post so it makes no sense for me to go out & spend money on new makeup just for this post, particularly in categories where there’s nothing I want or need (like mascara). So, want to know what I included in my £20 Makeup Challenge? Keep reading!

£20 Makeup Challenge


I decided to forego foundation, as I’m very lucky to have good skin & just use the Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer in Natural 2 (£4.99) under my eyes & on the red areas of me cheeks. I was surprised just how well this strategy worked for me & will definitely be doing it again in the future! This would be prefect for me when I’m able to go back to work or for the summer months as it’s quick, easy & requires minimal product (so is less likely to slide off my face in the summer!). I would have liked to include a setting powder for under my eyes but the budget wasn’t there to allow me to. Considering the lack of setting powder, the concealer under my eyes held up really well with only minimal creasing!

£20 Makeup Challenge


I used my sample of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara (£0) & actually got on with it the best I have so far! This was the first time I managed to apply it without covering my eyelid in mascara! Annoyingly, I’ve misplaces my Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, which I loved & thought I may need to replace it having gotten frustrated in the past by the mascara covered eyelids I used to end up with when I used the Urban Decay, but it looks like I can put my purse away for a little while longer (& hopefully find my Smashbox mascara before it goes bad!). On my eyelids I chose the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze (£4.99). This was a no brainer for me. As I HAVE to wear a primer, I could think of nothing better than a base shadow that also provided a colour. On & On Bronze is my favourite of the Colour Tattoos for a wash of colour to the lid & goes well with anything on the cheek & lips!

£20 Makeup Challenge


I can’t do my makeup without my brows (which is funny, because my brows were the last area I discovered in makeup terms) & the Rimmel Brow This Way Gel inDark Brown (£2.99) seemed the perfect choice for this challenge. Not only is it a brow gel that sets your hairs in place, it also provides colour to the brow area, whether you possess a thick brow or a thin one. I also love the shade on me, which is a big plus as I’m super picky when it comes to brow product shades. If you want to know my in depth thoughts on this product compared with the Maybelline Brow Drama, check out my Rimmel vs. Maybelline Brow Gel post!

£20 Makeup Challenge

Cheeks & Lips

I decided to opt for a lipstick on both my lips & my cheeks & the one I chose was the Rimmel Moisture Renue Lipstick in Saved By The Bell (£6.49). I initially bought this lipstick for the name – when my cousins came to stay for a couple of weeks every summer the two of them, my sister & I would watch episode after episode of Saved By The Bell! I picked this shade for the challenge as it’s a very versatile colour & it went with the coral dress I’d chosen to wear. I don’t think the formula of this lipstick lasted as well on my cheeks as some other lipstick formulas would have done, owing to it being moisturising, but no one said I wouldn’t be able to reapply my makeup during the day so it really didn’t bother me! Saying this, though the colour did fade I didn’t need to reapply. I really like how the shade looks different on my lips & cheeks – my biggest worry about using the same product was that I might look silly if my lips & cheeks matched! I know I could have gone with a £1 lipstick & had more in my budget for other products, but I didn’t want to spend money on this challenge & it also wouldn’t then be a 5 product face!

My total? These five products came to £19.46!

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Tania Jayne

  • I can’t think why you didn’t tag me to do this challenge……bwah ha ha ha ha ha, oh yes, it’s because I failed all my girl classses!!

    • Haha I do love your sense of humour Jen! Xx

  • That was a good decision to use the lipstick as a blusher as well, it looks lovely and obviously goes perfectly together. You have such beautiful eyes, I think I told you this before but hahah I’m saying it again!

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • Thanks! I was really pleased with how the lipstick worked & looked different on my cheeks & lips. That’s so sweet of you to say, it’s a shame I have to cover my eyes with my glasses. Xx

  • Great post. I’ve not been blogging much lately but as I’m going to a blog conference tomorrow I will add this to my to do list. You’ve made some really good choices here and the loom works really well xx

    • Thanks Steph! Enjoy the blog conference, I’m looking forward to reading your post. Xx

  • Saara Sofia

    You look gorgeous! I can’t believe you actually got five products for £20. Over here where I live one mascara is about 18 euros haha, it’s ridiculous! I’d really love to try the Maybelline Color Tattoos as I’ve heard they’re amazing :)


    • Thank you so much! Ouch, that’s expensive! I don’t think there are many drugstore mascaras that cost more than £12 (approx. £15 euros) & you can definitely pick up a mascara for as little as £1. If you get the chance, definitely pick up a Colour Tattoo, they’re really good! Xx

  • This is a pretty make up look. Love the subtle sparkle on the eyes. Gemma x

    • Thank you! On & On Bronze is such a lovely shade! Xx

  • Jasmine Simone

    I am so jealous of your skin! I wish I could get away without wearing foundation the way you do. Lovely look.

    Jasmine x

    • Aww!!! Thank you so much! I may need to use a LOT of concealer to cover my dark circles, but I am very lucky that the majority of my face needs very little coverage. Xx