2018 Project Pan Introduction

Ok, so I wanted to go all out with my 2018 project pan AND a pan that palette, alternating updates here and on my YouTube channel. I was definitely being over ambitious and setting myself up to fail by doing this, what with my current health situation and baby on the way. So I’ve put those two projects to one side, with the view to doing them in 2019. The project pan I’ve settled on for 2018 is much more feasible and achievable.

2018 Project Pan

All products marked with * have been gifted to me for consideration. More information can be found in my full disclaimer.

2018 Project Pan Introduction: ThisWorks Turbo Balm

I managed to use three of these Turbo Balms up in my 2017 project pan and now only have one left. These have long been discontinued, so it’s high time that I use them up.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: Urban Decay Primer Potion

I debated whether including my Urban Decay Primer Potion was possibly a little adventurous. But, it’s an old product and I don’t think there’s much left. So my plan is to use it with a single eyeshadow swept over my lid. Eyeshadow creases noticeably on me, so even with a single powder shadow on my lid I need to use a primer.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: L’Oreal Skin Perfection

I wasn’t wowed but this product when I bought it and as a result, it’s sat in a draw unused. Since pregnancy has added some interesting pigmentation to my cheeks, I’ve pulled this product out again for the days when I’m not wearing makeup, but want to look just that little bit nicer.

2018 Project Pan Introduction: DHC mascara*

This was a mascara I was sent and unfortunately didn’t get on well with at all. My lashes are particularly stubborn, being fairly long but also poker straight. This mascara added a little colour to my lashes, but that was all. It didn’t hold the curl my No7 eyelash curlers gave. So this year, I’ll be using this mascara on my bottom lashes, to use it up.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: NARS Concealer

This is a great concealer, but an old one now. I don’t think there’s much left in it, so I thought this would be the perfect time to add it into a project pan – so I can use it up and feel like I’ve achieved something, without having to put too much effort into doing so. Unfortunately there’s no way to see how much is left in, so demonstrating my progress may be a little tricky. Check out my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review for more information about this product.

2018 Project Pan Introduction: Urban Decay Eyeliner

This is probably the product I’m most unsure about in terms of how much it will get used. However, I’m going to put it in my 2018 project pan in the hope that I’ll at least make some progress on it this year. I have so many eyeliners, particularly black Urban Decay ones that have come with palettes so even a little progress would be good.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: Barbara Daly Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

I made good progress on this product in 2017, so I’m hoping to get it finished in 2018. It’s a shade that just doesn’t work in the space tail end of my brows. So I’ve been using it in the main body and bit by bit, making progress.

2018 Project Pan Introduction: Soap & Glory Brow Archery

I love this products, as you’ll probably know if you’ve read my Soap & Glory Brow Archery review. As I’m looking for an easier set of products to work on in 2018, it made sense for me to put this product in too, seeing as I’m using it in conjunction with the Barbara Daly pencil.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: GOSH Lip Oil*

The GOSH Lip Oil is a lovely product, but just not one that I can see myself reaching for because of the sheerness of the colour. It feels gorgeous on the lips and is very nourishing, so I’m going to be working on it in place of a lip balm in 2018.  This way, I’m still making a dent in the number of lip products I own, even though I’m not planning on working on a lipstick or lip gloss this year (more on this below). If you want to know more about this product, check out my GOSH Lip Oil review.

2018 Project Pan Introduction: The Body Shop Perfume Oil in Vanilla and Pink Fruit Punch

Perfume is something I’ve incorporated into my daily routine as part of my self care. In 2018, I’ll be aiming to use up two scents, Vanilla and Pink Fruit Punch from The Body Shop’s Perfume Oil range. I made great progress on my Vanilla perfume oil last year and I may possibly be able to finish this off by the first update for 2018. We shall see. Vanilla is going to be my autumn and winter scent, while Pink Fruit Punch will be my spring and supper perfume of choice.

2018 Project Pan

2018 Project Pan Introduction: Making A Dent In My Lip Products

I’d like to continue to make a dent in my lip products. But, I don’t want to set myself unrealistic targets. So instead, I’m going to focus on picking older products when I wear makeup. This way, I’m still making progress on using up older products, but without feeling like I have to wear makeup more than I’d like/have the energy to. If I find I’m wearing makeup more once baby is here, I’ll add in a lipstick to my 2018 project pan.

Are you trying to use anything up in 2018?

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2018 Project Pan

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