Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted a proper outfit post in a while. My energy has been so low that I’ve not been able to get dressed up to take photos. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to get some photos for my first Autumnal fashion post, featuring my black and burgundy check print shirt.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt, wheelchair fashion

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I’m not a fan of Autumn. It’s too cold for me. But I do love the colours and styles that come in – burgundy chunky knit anyone? To make the colder months more bearable, I’ve decided to immerse myself in the fashion and beauty trends to and get me feeling a little more positive about Autumn. I spotted this black and burgundy check print shirt in New Look recently and fell in love with it. I’m in desperate need of longer tops for Autumn and knew I’d get a lot of wear out of it.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt, wheelchair fashion

I love check shirts, but most aren’t practical for me. With my big boobs, I really struggle to wear anything with that buttons up, which is most shirts. So I was thrilled when I saw that this black and burgundy check print shirt didn’t have any buttons!

The material is very soft but also a little thin. So I’ve added a white cami top underneath. The checks aren’t small and tightly knit, which is great I struggle with these because of my Mears-Irlen syndrome. I love the combination of colours. The black makes the burgundy shade less intense and in-your-face, but you still very much get Autumnal vibes from this shirt.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt, wheelchair fashion

My River Island Biker Jacket is a firm favourite in my wardrobe and is perfect for those not-too-cold-but-still-need-an-extra-layer days. It’s a great addition to any outfit and I love how it looks with my black and burgundy check print shirt.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt, wheelchair fashion

I’ve paired my black and burgundy check print shirt with a pair of black Emilee Jeggings, also from New Look. These are amazingly comfortable and come in different length options, so you’re sure to find the right fit for you. I opted for black bottoms as I wore this outfit out to a meal with Dan’s family and wanted to look a little smarter. But this outfit would look equally good with dark and light blue demin.

I’ve opted for my brown boots, which I got in the New Look sale last year. I like the contrast these give against the black jeggings. They’re also the only knee high boots I own at the moment, and in the cold weather, knee high boots are a must to keep my legs warm.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt

I’d struggled for such a long time to find a bag that same colour. Then I stumbled across this Oasis cross body bag in the sale. I’m not usually a fan of tassels, but I really like the subtle hassle detail on this bag. The two different colours and textures add extra interest to the bag, as does the functional zip (making the bag a little bigger when unzipped).

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt

As it’s now Autumn and the days are getting shorter and darker, I’ve added my black floppy felt hat from H&M. I got this a few years ago and it’s served me well. Wearing a hat with a brim in Autumn and Winter is really important for me. They cut out some of the artificial lighting that my brain is exposed to, helping me manage my basilar type and hemiplegic migraine.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt

I wore this outfit for a meal out with Dan’s family, as well as a shopping trip to The Fort, Birmingham. Or at least I would’ve done if the bag hadn’t broken. It was only the second day I used it too! So that needs to be returned. Instead of the brown Oasis bag, I used my black Nica bag (which you can see in my Styling Burnt Orange post).

The Black Contrast Check Print Shirt cost £22.99 and the Black Emilee Jeggings cost £15.99. But, I managed to pick both up in the 25% off sale recently!

What are you excited to wear this Autumn?

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