Black And Gold Will Never Get Old

I hate this chair, I hate this chair, I HATE THIS CHAIR! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. As you can probably tell, I haven’t got my wheelchair at the moment. It’s been sent back to the factory for repair AGAIN! Long story short, some of the problems my wheelchair was sent away for last time were fixed, but unfortunately some weren’t. You can find out more about the problems I’ve been having with my wheelchair in my back to the factory post. But enough of that, today I’ve got  black and gold outfit to share with you.

Black And Gold

An all black outfit is something that I’ve shied away from in the past when it comes to separates. I’m not sure why though, as I’ll happily wear a black dress or jumpsuit. After seeing a few great, all black, outfits on Instagram, I decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone.

Black And Gold

The top is one I bought from New Look several years ago. I love the detail on the back, I feel it really adds interest to what is otherwise a plain top. I usually pair this with denim bottoms, as it gives the smart casual look I really like. But today, I decided to go for something different.

Black And Gold

I bought these cut off trousers just before my knee operation, a few years ago. It was a hot summer and I knew I would be having physio sessions. I needed something I could wear and stay cool, while also being able to move. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything that fit this criteria in my wardrobe at the time. So I picked up these cut off trousers, along with two pairs of shorts and two pairs of trousers in the same material from Matalan. The trousers are now too big for me, since I’ve lost a lot of my Gabapentin weight but the cut offs and shorts still fit.

Black And Gold

At the moment, I only have two pairs of sandals that I can wear comfortably and with ease. As I didn’t want to go for a black outfit without a pop of colour, I opted for these black and gold sandals from New Look. These gave me the idea for my black and gold outfit. With my wheelchair, I really like that these sandals have a bar at the back holding the sole to my feel. With my active user chair, my feet can’t sit on flat on the foot plate, so slingback sandals can often feel awkward. I don’t have this problem with the Action 3NG (loan chair pictured) but I’m hoping the loan chair isn’t going to be for long.

Black And Gold

Along the black and gold theme, I picked this bag from Forever21. It’s another item that I bought a few years ago, and is still a firm favourite of mine. At the time, I was looking for this style of bag with silver hardware, but couldn’t find one anywhere! So I opted for this gold version as I love how it goes with my sandals. The only think I’m not keen on is the metal strap. It’s quite heavy and I have to be careful to only use it when I’m having a good shoulder day. Otherwise the weight becomes too much and causes me a lot of pain because of my EDS.

As it was a hot day, I didn’t add a jacket to my black and gold outfit. If it were cooler, I’d opt for my black faux leather jacket or my denim jacket.

Black And Gold

For my jewellery, I opted for this double heart necklace that Dan gave me. I’m a big fan of silver/white gold/platinum, so most of my jewellery has this as a basis. I like that this necklace has a hint of rose gold. To tie in with the necklace, I opted for my rose gold arrow ring* from Jewellery Box, which I won in the West Midlands Blogger Meet raffle. I love the style of this ring, but don’t tend to wear it often because most of my jewellery is silver in colour, rather than rose gold. Having the rose gold in the necklace (which until recently I’d assumed was yellow gold) makes me feel like the ring ties in rather than looking odd. I actually quite like that I’ve got all three gold colours in this outfit. I feel like they balance each other out and don’t clash.

Black And Gold

What do you think of my black and gold outfit? What are your feelings on mixing metals?

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black and gold

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Tania Jayne


    • Thanks! I love them. They’re getting a bit old though. I’m hoping with my wheelchair I’ll be able to make them last a couple more years. Xx

    • Thank you so much Leah! I do love black dresses. They’re the only all black outfit I’ve felt comfortable in until now. Xx

    • Thanks! I’m so glad I’m finally onboard with the all black look. I love how it sets the old off. I’m quite sad that these sandals are on their last legs. Hopefully because I need to use my wheelchair to go out, they’ll last me a few more years. Xx

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