Styling A Burgundy Skater Dress When Pregnant

Ok, so today’s outfit post isn’t quite what I had planned, but our washing machine has broken and the jumper I wanted to show you has a stain on it! So that’ll just have to wait until another time. Today, I thought I’d go back to my fashion roots and share with you my old, second hand, burgundy skater dress!

Burgundy Skater Dress

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I’d like of my burgundy skater dress. I ran out of energy, which I think shows on my face in the photos I did manage to get. Oh well, such is life! At least I like how my hair looks.

I’ve been looking at my wardrobe to see which pieces are going to be versatile for my growing bump and what I need to put away until after baby is here.Skater dresses are a great, comfy option with a bump. This burgundy skater dress is cotton, so not only is the fit comfortable, the material is too! I thought all my skater dresses were going to be a winner, but unfortunately half of them show off my MASSIVE maternity bra. Well, it’s not technically a maternity bra, because those bad boys are so hard to find in bigger cup sizes. But it’s non-wired, supportive and they also make it in a nursing bra version. So to me it’s a maternity bra. Anyway, I’m getting off the point a little… Back to my burgundy skater dress.

Burgundy Skater Dress

This burgundy skater dress was one of the few that made the cut in terms of bra coverage. It’s from Primark and was originally my Mum’s. We’ve been swapping clothes quite a bit recently, and this was one of two dresses Mum gave me. Unfortunately, my big boobs stretched the fabric of the other skater dress so that the black sections looked grey. It wasn’t a good look! #BigBoobProblems

With my skin tone and hair colour, burgundy is a colour that I feel really suits me. The first compliment I remember receiving about my clothing choices was from my cousin. I was 11 years old and we’d gone to visit them in Germany. I bought a burgundy bikini while out there and my cousin complimented me on how the colour really suited me. That compliment stuck with me and I now gravitate towards burgundy hues in autumn and winter.

Burgundy Skater Dress

Now, with it’s capped sleeves (which I didn’t get a chance to photograph), I don’t think this burgundy skater dress is going to take me into winter. Even with a thick cardigan, it’s just not going to be warm enough for me. But at least for the Autumn, adding this ASOS Ultimate Chunky Knit cardigan, currently £25 (which I managed to get with 20% discount!). I gave my previous thick cardigan (which you can see in my Styling A Red Heart Print Wrap Dress post) to my sister. After loosing a lot of my Gabapentin weight, it was too big for me. So I was desperate for a new one.

Now, longer cardigans are a bit of a pain to wear when using a self-propelled wheelchair that doesn’t have arm rests attached to the side/clothes guards. Longer cardigans fall open and over the wheels, which is irritating and makes self-propelling harder. Finally, I’ve come up with a solution to this – a belt! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?! I would just say that in each of these photos, the corner of the cardigan is coming over the clothes guard of my wheelchair. This is easy to fix by tucking it in I was just so tired, that I didn’t realise it wasn’t tucked in.

Black And Burgundy Check Print Shirt, Mustard Chunky Knit Jumper, Burgundy Skater Dress

I was going to pair my burgundy skater dress with black boots, but I felt like this was a very ‘safe’ option. So instead, I opted for my brown New Look knee high boots. I’m trying to wear these as much as possible before the weather gets colder/my bump gets bigger and I putt out my grey maternity coat. As I picked my brown boots, I thought a brown belt would be the ideal option to keep my cardigan in check.

I’m pretty sure this brown belt came with a dress, but I didn’t like it with the dress. I think it was a grey dress, and I’m not a fan of grey and brown together. So the dress and belt are now worn separately! This belt is a great option during pregnancy, as there are no holes. You do it up by putting the buckle pin between the plait strands. It’s also quite long, so there’s room for growth. I’ve worn this belt above my bump. I like how this emphasises my bump.

Burgundy Skater Dress

As Autumn is cold and this burgundy skater dress is a little on the short side, leggings are a must for me. I always buy my leggings from Select, as they have the best fit for my body shape that I’ve found. They’re also £7.99 for a pack of 2, which I think is a great bargain!

What do you think of my burgundy skater dress? How would you style it?

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Burgundy Skater Dress

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Tania Jayne

  • Shelise Saddul

    Brown boots always look nice with the colour burgandy so I like the way you styled it! I would maybe add a big knitted scarf when it gets colder x

    S x

  • Burgundy is one of my favourite colours to wear during the Winter months especially as it’s ever so warming. Those boots look gorgeous too!

    Great styling and think that the look would team so nicely with a Burgundy lip to match!

    Laura xo

  • Natalie Hill

    Loved the post :) that dress is a great transitional piece! I’d never thought of getting leggings from Select… £7.99 for 2 is great! Xxxx :)