Care Skin med Review: Protection For Eczema

As you may, or may not know from previous blog posts, pregnancy has well and truly flared my eczema up. Since before I was pregnant, I’ve been struggling with a pesky patch of eczema on one of my fingers. Whatever I try, it just won’t go away. So when the lovely people responsible for Care Skin med got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try their skin protection cream, aimed particularly at those with eczema, I jumped at the chance!

Care Skin med Review

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Please note: My GP has agreed that Care Skin med * is safe for me to use during pregnancy. There are no warnings from the manufacturer about it’s use in pregnancy. However, if you are unsure about using anything during pregnancy, it’s always worth checking with your midwife, GP, pharmacist or other healthcare provider. Better safe than sorry!

Care Skin med is primarily designed as a skin protector for those with eczema. It provides a barrier between eczema and the environment. It can also be used to protect the hands by people who’s jobs involve working with substances that can irritate the hands, such as nurses, hairdressers and cleaners. In addition, Care Skin med can be used to prevent nappy rash.

I was hoping that Care Skin med would make a difference to a pesky patch of eczema on my finger. I’m sure it’s been particularly difficult to treat because my hands are exposed to so many different things, including self-propelling my wheelchair!

The first thing I noticed when I received my Care Skin med, was that it’s in an aerosol pump. This surprised me, as aerosols can be problematic for those with asthma and it’s not uncommon for people to have both conditions. As a teenager, aerosols used to be one of my main asthma triggers. Getting changed after PE was always a dangerous time for me, as a number of my peers chose to use aerosol body sprays. Thankfully, my asthma is less affected by aerosols now.

Care Skin med Review

As Care Skin Med is designed as an eczema protector, I started using it just on the eczema patches on my hand and finger. I wish I’d taken a before and after photo, because the difference after just one application was quite amazing. Overnight, the patch of skin on my hand had virtually disappeared! It wasn’t a particularly bad patch, but it was visible, being red with visible flakes. My finger also looked less red!

After just a few more applications (morning and night), the patch on my hand was no longer visible. I could feel the patch of skin was still a little rough, but it was virtually gone. My finger was also looking and feeling good. Not as good as the patch on my hand, but no longer red, throbbing and painful.

Initially, I was a little disappointed that using Care Skin med hadn’t resolved the eczema on my finger in the same way it had on my hand. However, after forgetting to use it a couple of times, it became clear that Care Skin med was doing an amazing job at maintaining my eczema when it was trying to get worse. After missing a few applications, but finger was red, very sore, hot and throbbing. To the point where one night the throbbing pain of my eczema kept me from getting to sleep.

The one thing I struggle with when using my Care Skin med was the pump. This caused me three small difficulties.

Firstly, the nozzle was too stiff for me to use without putting significant pressure on my joints, causing additional pain and risking subluxation. This is because of my hypermobile Ehlers-Dalos syndrome, and is something that probably won’t be a problem for most people. I had to get Dan to pump the cream out for me at night and leave some in a pot for me for the morning.

Care Skin med Review

The second difficulty we had, was getting the right amount of product out for just the patches of eczema on my finger and hand. This is something we’re still working on.

However, by pumping out more product than we needed I was able to try Care Skin med on other parts of my body. This included my stomach and face.

The third thing I noticed, was that product doesn’t stop coming out when you remove pressure from the nozzle. I feel like this ties in with my point about struggling to get the right amount of product out. My Care Skin med lid has a collection of foam inside it as a result of this.

I hadn’t expected Care Skin med to do much for the eczema on my stomach. After all it’s designed to protect the skin, but my stomach isn’t subjected to the elements like my hands are. We’ve always been very careful with our washing powder and I try to wear a cotton layer underneath nylon jumpers to protect my skin.

I was surprised and very impressed with the results Care Skin med had on my stomach eczema! As with my hand, the patches of eczema were markedly reduced the next morning. So the next test was to use it on my face.

The first thing that struck me when applying Care Skin med to my face (instead of my usual moisturiser) was the smell. It wasn’t overpowering, but there was a definitely aerosol smell. The next time I applied, I made sure to wait a little, to app low the smell to dissipate.

Care Skin med Review

I wasn’t too sure how well Care Skin med would work in place of my moisturiser. As a teenager, I used aqueous cream at the moisturiser stage of my skincare routine. But after trying a few moisturisers, I quickly realised that, despite having eczema on my face, aqueous cream wasn’t the most suitable product for my face. But I felt differently with Care Skin med. It helped the eczema patches on my face, and left my skin feeling softer than it has for a while! The only time I get similar results is when I use a moisturising mask.

I’ve been really impressed with Care Skin med, which comes in a 75ml container, providing 150 applications for £13.99.

V Pharma Skin Care, who manufacture Skin Care med, say that their 75mg time lasts as long as six 50mg tubes of a standard skin protection cream. Now, I’ve not come across any other skin protector creams so I’ve nothing to compare this to in terms of price. It’s certainly more expensive than aqueous cream, but it does protect your skin, which aqueous doesn’t.

I don’t think that at £13.99 I would have bought Care Skin med, incase it wasn’t any better than my aqueous cream. However, having had the chance to try it and seeing the results it gives, I can see myself replacing this canister when it runs out. Even if I only use it in the winter when my and face need a little extra help.

Care Skin med can be purchased from and

Have you tried Care Skin med? How did you find it?

If you have eczema, what’s been the most helpful cream for you?

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Care Skin med Review

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