Converting To Maternity Wear

Ok, so I know I said that I was going to try to avoid maternity wear, but hear me out. But, my sister has converted me to maternity wear – specifically maternity jeggings. For those of you who haven’t seen some of my recent outfit posts, up until recently I’ve been wearing my usual jeggings and turning the waistband down so that it sat under my bump. So why did I decide converting to maternity wear was a good idea?

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Well, two pretty big things convinced me into converting to maternity wear, and giving maternity jeggings a try.

The first was a conversation I had with my sister. Now, I’m going to start by saying that my family are fab when it comes to giving advice. They know what to say and when to say it. They also know when to keep quite. This is something I REALLY appreciate. I know I can go to any of them, at any time and ask for advice should I need it and they’d be happy to help and advise. This kind of support is particularly helpful for me with the processing difficulties I have. Mears-Irlen syndrome, dyslexia (auditory and visual) and the pain and fatigue that my hEDS, PoTS and migraine cause, makes it difficult for me to deal with excess information.

So anyway, I can’t quite remember how we got onto the topic of my clothes, but I said that I’d been living in oversized jumpers and my usual jeggings/leggings with the waistbands turned down. My sister completely agreed with me that investing in a whole new wardrobe would be an unnecessary expense for me and I could manage well with a lot of the clothes I already have.

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My sister also agreed with me that having a few key maternity pieces would be a good idea. You might already know that I’ve bought myself a couple of maternity t-shirts, but haven’t gone any further than this, thinking that I can manage quite well without. How wrong I was!

My sister pointed out that it’s not just your stomach that gets bigger when you’re pregnant. The section under your stomach, but above your pubic area also grows. This was something I hadn’t realised. But low and behold, when I felt just under my stomach I was larger and firmer than pre-pregnancy. This was the exact area where I was rolling my waist bands down to. As I’m spending all of my time sitting down at the moment, the waist band was digging into this area – though I didn’t realise it at the time.

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The other big thing that convinced me that I should be converting to maternity wear (well, maternity jeggings), was being diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). Basically, my pelvic joints are moving too much and causing significant back, hip and pelvic pain.

So with my sister’s advice, my need to stay comfy and the fact that I am currently spending all of my time sitting down (PoTS problems), I decided that converting to maternity wear was a good idea. Starting with investing in some maternity jeggings.

My lovely sister also had the exact same thought and ordered me a surprise parcel or a pair of maternity jeggings! And they are SOOOO comfy! I wish I’d converted to maternity wear (jeggings) sooner.

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I now have two pairs of maternity jeggings, one in light blue denim, the other in dark blue. Both of these are over bump jeggings, but under bump are available too. I bought mine from, but it’s worth bearing in mind maternity sizing is a little tricky (more on this in a future post). So if you can, try on in store or order at least three different sizes to find your best fit.

My outfits aren’t going to change, I’m just switching non-maternity for maternity. I haven’t bought myself a black pair of maternity jeggings, so where I’ve shown black jeggings in outfit posts (for example in my Styling A Mustard Chunky Knit Jumper post) I’ll instead be wearing black leggings and my black stretchy skirt, which you can see in my Styling A Shell Pink Bar Back Jumper post.

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Did you switch to maternity wear when you were pregnant or did you largely stick to standard clothing and just adapt it?

If you could only have one piece of maternity wear in your wardrobe, what would it be?

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Converting To Maternity Wear

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Tania Jayne

  • Soso ❄⛄⭐

    You look so nice in all your pics hun! And too be honest I have friends who still wear maternity jeggings even after they’ve had their baby …they say it’s just so comfy!

  • That mustard knit jumper looks so cosy – need! x

  • Shelley Busby

    I really love all the information you’ve given in this post & you’re looking fabulous in these outfits!

  • Emma Bradford

    Oh they’re SOOOO comfy – I still wear some maternity bits now (and Mylo is 7 months old haha!) xx

  • Loving your last outfit! Leggings are the best!

  • Lady Writes

    You look lovely in all your pics! I must admit I hated maternity wear, there was never anything nice, so I just got normal clothes in bigger sizes and found I preferred it much more! x

  • You look gorgeous. I love your outfit choices. So stylish!