Gender Reveal! Blue or Pink?

On Monday, Dan and I went to our 20 week scan! Eek. We were very excited to see our little bundle of joy again. The 20 week scan is the hospital’s opportunity to check baby’s physiology. They look at the spine, the hemispheres of the brain, the kidneys, heart chambers and more! This is the scan that will also (usually) allow you to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl should you wish. Dan and I wanted to find out (reasons below), so today, I thought I’d share a little gender reveal with you all!

Gender Reveal

I’ve always thought that wanted a surprise. My Mum wasn’t able to find out when she had my sister and I, but she had a strong feeling during her pregnancy that we were both girls. I’ve always wanted that feeling and experience. I didn’t really care whether any babies I have were boys or girls, as long as they’re healthy. I’ve always seen myself with girls, but that’s most likely because it’s what I’m used to. I largely grew up with girls my age in family.

But, learning that I was at a higher risk of spontaneous vessel rupture and that I’d be offered a cesarian under general anaesthetic changed things. While I wanted a surprise when our baby was born, I definitely didn’t want to be coming round from a big operation to find out if they’re a boy or a girl. The only thing I’ll care about in this scenario is that they’re healthy.

When I expressed this change in preference, Dan told me that he also wanted to find out. Dan’s a planner and likes to be as prepared as possible for things. So this change of heart didn’t surprise me. He’s also since said that his family are prone to buying for the sex they think/hope baby will be, rather than going for gender neutral options. So we could easily have ended up with girl’s things for a boy or vice versa!

I put up some polls on Instagram and Twitter, so I thought I would be fun to share the results before baby’s gender reveal.

Gender Reveal

On Twitter, we had:

A beautiful boy – 25%

A gorgeous girl – 48%

Too wriggly to tell – 27%

On Instagram, we had:

Boy – 47%

Girl – 53%

Some family and friends made their guesses over on Facebook too. And Dan’s production kids were all routing for baby to be a girl!

Gender Reveal

I’ll save my 20 week scan experience for another blog post – probably my second trimester update. The short version is that I wasn’t very well before the scan and got worse during, so it wasn’t quite the amazing experience that the 12 week scan had been. It was still lovely, just a lot harder for me to enjoy. The midwife doing the scan was the same lady who did our 12 week scan and she took really good care of me.

I’ve teased you all enough, time for the gender reveal – it’s a girl!

Gender Reveal

I’m very pleased to say that the 20 week scan showed that our baby girl is looking healthy, happy and, true to form, was wiggly! Initially, the midwife performing the scan didn’t think that we’d be able to find out her sex because she was so wiggly!

We’re booked in for a 28 week scan because of my difficulty eating, as well as gaining and maintaining weight (thanks PoTS!). So we’ll get to see our little baby girl once more before she makes her appearance on or around the 22nd March.

Eek! Can you tell we’re excited!?!

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Tania Jayne

  • Congratulations Tania!! How exciting that you can now buy bits for a little girl! So happy for you!! Xx

    emily x ❤ |

  • Melissa

    Aw wow, congrats! It must be such an exciting experience finding out the gender. Next stop – picking a name!

    Melissa x

  • Sharon Reid

    Aww congratulations on find out you’re having a little girl. Hello baby Tania, can’t wait to meet you.
    Hope you’re well and getting well looked after.

    Sharon xx

  • Alison Brodie

    A baby girl. How exciting! I am truly thrilled for you and Dan. Any ideas for a name? BTW: Do NOT think twice about having a Cesaerian. My posh friends in Surrey always booked themselves in for a cesaerian (am I spelling that right. I’ve had two bottles of Guinness!) Anyway, I had a cesarian cos I HAD to – it was an emergecy. I’d been in labour for 24 hours and the baby (Wiliam) was having problems, and suddenly it was all hustle and bustle and two minutes later I had my baby. Science is just wonderful. Give Dan a big hug from me. Clever daddy! xx