GOSH Colour Corrector Kit Review

If you’ve seen my GOSH AW17 Collection post, you’ll know that there are some really exciting products that have just launch in Superdrug. Probably the product that I’m most excited about is the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit. So if you’re wanting to mask your discolouration and hide those dark circles under your eyes, keep reading to find out if this is the product for you!

GOSH Colour Corrector Kit

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My under eye circles are so dark that I’ve received comments from readers about them. They’re partly genetic and partly due to my chronic illnesses. As long as I’ve been allowed to wear makeup (my 13th birthday) I’ve tried to cover them up as much as possible. However, I’ve found that concealers alone just don’t cut it for me, so I need a good corrector.

I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sure which would be the best shade to correct my under eyes. There are lots of guides out there as to which shade is best, but I struggle to identify what colour my under eyes are. Are they purple, blue or red? To be honest, I think there’s a bit of everything in there! So with a corrector kit, I was hoping to play around with a few different shades and pick the one that worked best for me.

I bought the Makeup Revolution Corrector Kit out of sheer frustration with my under eye circles and the lack of coverage concealer alone gave me. I’m afraid to say I was utterly disappointed in it. The consistency was so thin that it did absolutely nothing for me, so I donated it to my husband’s school production makeup kit.

GOSH Colour Corrector Kit

At the AW17 Collection preview, we heard how the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit has been specifically designed not to be thin like many colour correctors on the market. After my experience of the Makeup Revolution Corrector Kit, this really excited me. Something else that struck me about the GOSH Colour Corrector is how much smaller it is compared to Makeup Revolution’s offering. GOSH’s version is going to be much easier to travel with! I find it feels nicer to hold too. I’m not sure why, but it does.

There are five shades in the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit; concealer, yellow, green, purple and peach.

The consistency of the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit is thick, but also creamy once warmed up with the fingers. When I applied it with a brush, I had a little difficulty initially getting as much product as I’d have liked. It was fine, as I was able to layer the product up, but I found applying with my finger (though not as precise) gave me the amount of product I wanted.

GOSH Colour Corrector Kit

For under my eyes, I opted for the yellow corrector from the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit, because this is the colour GOSH advise for use under the eyes. I’ve never tried yellow under my eyes, but WOW! With my usual concealer (the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I have reviewed) over the top and a setting powder (the NARS Translucent Crystal) my under eyes have never looked better! I was amazed at how little darkness I could see with this combination. Yellow is clearly the corrector colour for me!

I’m going to try adding the peach shade, which is designed to brighten, over the yellow corrector where my darkness still peeks through a little. I’ll let you know if this eliminates my darkness entirely.

Now, as well as having dark under eyes, they’re also very dry. I was a little disappointed when I put the yellow corrector under my eyes. It showed up the flakes under my eyes, both with a brush and my finger. But, with my concealer over the top, the flakes weren’t noticeable. There was a little bit of visible texture, but this was minimal. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking for it. And seeing as I’ll never go out of the house with a yellow corrector under my eyes but not concealer, the initial visible dryness doesn’t bother me.

GOSH Colour Corrector Kit

I have to admit that I’m not sure how much I’m going to use the other shades. I’m VERY lucky in that I don’t need much in terms of coverage on my face. It’s just those pesky dark under eyes. I’ll probably try to find a single yellow corrector when I’ve used the one from the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit up. If I can’t find something that works as well, I’d buy this kit again for the yellow concealer. It’s that good!

The GOSH Colour Corrector Kit can be purchased from Superdrug stores and Superdrug.com for £11.99.

Are you a fan of colour correcting? Have you tried the GOSH Colour Corrector Kit?

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GOSH Colour Corrector Kit Review


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  1. I love using yellow corrector under my eyes, then a concealer on top and setting powder. I might need to try this out, I heard GOSH is so lovely! <3

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