GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit Review

GOSH is a brand that I love, something you’ve probably realised if you’ve read any of my previous reviews of their products. So I was really excited to try the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit, which was released as part of their AW17 collection.

There are two shades in the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit range, Highlighter and Blush. The highlighter version is designed to be used for highlighting, strobing and draping. The blusher version is designed for adding definition and glow to the face, cheeks and cheekbones.

GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit Review

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I received the blusher version of the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit. This contains one highlighter, and three blushes, two shimmery and one matte. I think this is a good combination for a kit that’s aimed at creating glowing skin. My personal preference is for matte blushes at the moment. So I’ve gravitated towards the beautiful matte shade, which is the perfect colour for autumn and winter.

In terms of shades, the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit isn’t a palette I can see myself reaching for a lot. The I like the base colour of the highlighter, a light pinky. But, it has small pink glitter particles in it. While I can wear a light pink highlighter, as well as highlighters with small glitter particles, I just don’t like how pink glitter particles look on me. I suspect this is largely because I have a warm skin tone. In a similar way, I can’t see myself using the peachy coral shade much. The shimmer in this blusher has a pink shift to it, which almost gives a duochrome effect. I find the preachy coral and pink an odd colour combination. I really like the peachy coral shade, but for me the pink shimmer looks a little strong against my skin tone. 

GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit Review

However, while to top two shades aren’t my cup of tea, I like the bottom shades much more. I absolutely love the matte mauve shade in the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit. It’s perfect for my skin tone and the kind of colour I reach for a lot in autumn and winter. I can also see myself reaching for the rose shade. This has much more subtle shimmer to it than the first two shades. The shimmers are a similar colour to the blusher itself, which is maybe why they don’t stand out quite as much.

When it comes to application, I was a little disappointed. The GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit powders have a soft texture. But, I found it difficult to apply the blushes without getting them on my under eye area. The first time I used the palette, it looked so bad I had to take my face makeup off and start again! I’ve never had this issue with any other blusher and was using my most-used blusher brush.

GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit Review

After a few attempt, I managed to apply the blusher without getting it on my under eye area. The trick is to tap really lightly into the powder and really knock the excess product off the brush before applying. You may find you need to this a few times to build up the colour intensity.

I didn’t find the highlighter in the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit very pigmented when using a fan brush. To get the highlighter to look like more than just a slight sheen, I used my Real Techniques Setting Powder brush. This gave me much more of the intensity I was expecting, thought still on the softer side.

GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up the pink shimmer/glitter particles in the photo

Something else I noticed with the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit was that it had a hint of an odd smell. I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like. It’s only noticeable when I initially opened the palette and picked up the powder on my brush.

Overall, I think the GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit is a nice product if you prefer your highlighters on the more natural side and like a pink sheen to your products. If you prefer warmer tones, and want a glory look, I’d be tempted to take a look at the highlight version of this kit first.

The GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit can be purchased from superdrug.com for £12.99.

Have you tried the blusher or highlighter versions? What did you think of them?

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GOSH Strobe N Glow Kit Review


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