GOSH UK SS17 Collection

New makeup launches are always so exciting. So when I was invited to view the GOSH UK SS17 collection, you know that there was no way I could turn the invitation down. There was no way I was going to let my lack of a suitable wheelchair (which you can read about in my Back To The Factory post), so I braved public transport down to London on my mobility scooter and I’m so glad I did.

GOSH UK SS17 Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick

Some of the products from the GOSH AW17 collection have been gifted to me. Reviews of these will be shared shortly.  More information can be found in my full disclaimer.

I’m going to start by telling you all about the GOSH UK SS17 collection. At the end of my post, I thought I’d also give a little overview of attending a PR event with a disability, for those readers who are in a similar position to me.


GOSH UK SS17 Collection

The theme of the GOSH UK SS17 collection is nature, specifically urban nature. This is a great concept, as it’s so easy to forget that that nature exists in built up areas. The urban nature theme is reflected not only in the shades the collection includes, but also it’s ingredients. Dandelion, described by GOSH as a “hero Nordic ingredient” features predominantly in the collection. I love that Dandelion is a flower that is predominant in urban areas. Growing between paving slabs and in people’s lawns.

GOSH UK SS17 Eye Expressions

The GOSH UK SS17 collection includes eight brand new products, as well as new shades in the Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick line. If you’ve already read my Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick Review, you’ll know how mush I love this line, so I’m very excited for the SS17 shades.

GOSH UK SS17 Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick

GOSH UK SS17 Liquid Matte Lips £8.99

The products I’m most excited about from the GOSH UK SS17 collection are the Liquid Matte Lips. I’m just starting to get into liquid lipsticks and the eight shades that are launching in the SS17 collection are gorgeous! Whether you want a neutral shade or something bolder and brighter, this collection has something for everyone. Check out my GOSH Liquid Matte Lips Review With Lip Swatches.

GOSH UK SS17 Liquid Matte Lips

GOSH UK SS17 Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks £7.99

The Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks have become a best seller for GOSH, and it’s easy to see why! They’re comfortable to wear, are long lasting and comfortable to wear. I love them so much that I took Smoothy with me to Center Parcs in my Autumn Travel Makeup Bag where I knew I would need a lipstick that would outlast dinner and keep my lips in good condition. The five new shades in the SS17 collection are beautiful, with a shade to suit every skin tone. Honestly, I could see myself wearing all of them!

GOSH UK SS17 Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks

GOSH UK SS17 Lumidrops £8.99

Spring and Summer is all about minimal, natural glowing makeup. What better way to accomplish this than with a luminous blusher that brightens the complexion. There are two shades of Lumidrops to choose from to help you create your perfect natural flush of colour. I’m excited to try the liquid formula. Check out my GOSH Lumidrops Illuminating Blush Review.

GOSH UK SS17 Lumidrops

GOSH UK SS17 Eye Xpression £8.99

To me, the Urban Nature theme for the GOSH UK SS17 collection is strongest in the Eye Xpression palettes. There are three quads in the collection, which all contain one highlight and three matte shades. I love the combination of shades in the palettes. Back To Nature is a neutral lover’s dream, while Thunder Storm is true to it’s name with cool toned greys and blue shades. Urban Nature, the namesake of the collection, has the perfect combination of nature inspired shades and is a great option for those who are more experimental with their makeup looks. Check Out my GOSH Eye Xpressions Review.


GOSH UK SS17 CCC – Contour, Cover, Conceal £9.99

I’ve been intrigued by stick contour and highlight products for a while now, but never found any brands that have a good range of shades. In their SS17 collection, Gosh have solved this! There are six shades in total, two highlight options and four matte shades to make finding the perfect contour and highlight product easy. Check out my GOSH CCC Sticks Review.

GOSH UK SS17 CC Sticks

GOSH UK SS17 Volume Serum Mascara £13.99

We’re all on the hunt for the perfect mascara a mascara that will leave our lashes looking full, long and luscious. The Volume Serum mascara promises to nourish the lashes and be suitable for use with eyelash extensions. I’m intrigued by the dual sided bristles – one for volume and the other for lengthening.

GOSH UK SS17 Volume Serum Mascara

GOSH UK SS17 Giant Pro Kajal £7.49, Giant Pro Double Liner £10.99 & Infinity Eye Liner £6.99

GOSH UK have been very busy, creating three different types of eyeliner for the SS17 collection! The Giant Pro Kajal has bee created for long lasting wear and to give a high impact colour with a shine finish. The ergonomic design is intended to make application easy.


The Giant Pro Double Liner is a 2-in-1, featuring an ink liner on one end and a kajal liner on the other. The tip of the ink liner is long and tapered to give a precise application and the kajal has been created to be intense and long lasting. Unfortunately, both the liquid liners fro the SS17 collection contain shea butter, so aren’t suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

GOSH UK SS17 Eyeliners

There are six shades in the Infinity Eye Liner range. I’ve just finished up one of the GOSH Velvet ‘Something-Or-The-Other’ liner, which I bought when I was about 15, in my 2016 Project Pan. I loved it and am really excited to try the Infinity Eye Liners. These waterproof liners have been created in beautiful shades and have a handy smudger for creating a smoky look. Check out my GOSH Infinity Eyeliner Review.

GOSH UK SS17 Infinity eye liners

GOSH UK SS17 Accessibility

The GOSH UK SS17 event was held at St. Martin’s Lane hotel, London. I was nervous about taking my mobility scooter, as it isn’t easy to manoeuvre in small spaces. Both the PR company who invited me and the hotel were very helpful in the lead up to the event. I was able to get around the hotel and the room the event was in easily. The hotel lighting was plain, so I had no problems with my photosensitive migraine. I was nervous about getting to London, but I was lucky to have fantastic train and bus staff both to and from the event.

GOSH UK SS17 Fashioneyesta and When Tania Talks

Photo of Emily from Fashioneyesta and me, courtesy of @emilemek

We were kindly given a very generous goody bag with products from the SS17 collection. Keep an eye out for my reviews!

I’d like to thank GOSH UK, Sophie, Z-PR and St. Martin’s Lane Hotel for a fantastic evening.

Interested in the GOSH UK SS17 collection? It’s now available from supredrug.com and in Superdrug stores!

What are you excited about from the GOSH UK SS17 collection?

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GOSH UK SS17 Collection

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Tania Jayne


  1. What a lovely collection! The liquid matte lips look stunning, I know we have Gosh here so I will look out for them, hopefully they brought these new releases!


  2. Great blog post hun,gutted i couldn’t go but it looked a really nice day.Gorgeous items as always from Gosh and you look beautiful,love Vinny Littlemissstyleguru xx♥xx

    • Thank you so much! It was a shame not to be able to meet you, but I completely understand why. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity in the future. GOSH aways knock it out of the park with their launches. Xx

  3. So gutted I couldn’t make the event, it looks like fun and such a great collection. I’m intrigued the serum mascara, I’m using a By Terry Serum mascara and love it but at over £30 it’s not something I can justify repurchasing but if this affordable version matches up it could be very handy.

    Victoria x


    • I had a great time! Such a shame you couldn’t make it. I’m really intrigued by the serum mascara too. The By Terry sounds interesting, but I agree that £30 every time you need a new mascara is rather a lot to spend. I have high hopes for the mascara, and will let you know what I think! Xx

  4. I completely agree, they’re such a fantastic brand! I’m glad you’ve been able to find the lipsticks in your local store. I really hope the rest of the collection have made it to where you are too. Xx

  5. These all look amazing! I have only ever owned one thing from GOSH and it was from when I was about 15 and my friend told me the eyeliner was the best thing she had ever used haha.

    Maybe I should pick up a few bits as I am sure I will love them!

    Kirsty Leanne

    • I’ve been so impressed with the collection! So many great shades and formulas. I’m yet to try something from GOSH that I didn’t love. I’m excited to see how the pencil eyeliners compares to my previous one from GOSH. If you do pick up anything from the collection, I’d love to know what you think! Xx

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