Styling A Grey Jumper Dress When Pregnant

I’m strongly believe that one of the most comfortable items of clothing ever invented are leggings. Warmer than tights, more comfortable than trousers, they can be worn as part of so many different outfits. Don’t like full length leggings? There are 3/4 length and 1/2 length options available! Not a fan of plain black? So many brands have coloured options too. I’m going on about leggings, but they aren’t the focus of today’s post, my grey jumper dress is!

Grey Jumper Dress

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I’ve had this grey jumper dress for many, many years now. It had to go into storage when I put on weight because of my Gabapentin and I’m really glad that I’ve been able to pull it out again since the weight fell off when I stopped me medication to try for a baby.

This grey jumper dress came from Matalan and originally had a belt with it. I didn’t like the belt/dress combination. It was a dark brown that I really didn’t feel complimented the grey. So I bought a thick black belt that covered the belt loops in the dress.

Grey Jumper Dress

Then, my sister borrowed this dress and cut the belt loops off. At the time, I was quite annoyed by this, as she left a hole in the dress where she’d cut the loops off. Thankfully, I was able to mend the hole and it’s all turned out for the best. The thick black belt I used to wear with this dress sat better without the belt loops. I’m also able to wear the dress without a belt during pregnancy, which I know I wouldn’t have done if the belt loops were still on the dress.

I love the cowl neck on this grey jumper dress, I feel it adds extra interest to the look and works really well with a long sleeved black t-shirt underneath. This is great for extra warmth and to avoid inadvertently flashing my bra through the knitted fabric.

Grey Jumper Dress

You could wear tights with this grey jumper dress, but as I have Raynaud’s and am now, for the most part a full time wheelchair user, I need something a little warmer to cover my legs. So, I opt for leggings. Until recently, I’ve been wearing my usual Select leggings and turning the waistband down to sit under my bump. This has been really comfy. But, last week my sister surprised me with two pairs of fleece lined maternity leggings (as well as a pair of maternity jeggings) and I’m in love! They’re warmer than my Select leggings, not only because of the fleece lining, but also because they sit over my bump, covering more of me.

Grey Jumper Dress

I’m living in knee length boots at the moment, because they’re so much warmer than shoes or ankle boots. So it’ll be no surprise to you that I’ve opted for my New Look Black Elastic Side Boots*. They’re half a size too big for me, as New Look don’t make half sizes. While their size 4s in Wide Fit are usually perfect for me, I wasn’t impressed with the stiles available this year and desperately needed a pair of black boots. So I’ve been wearing an extra pair of socks, which has kept my feet a little warmer and stopped the boots from feeling too big.

Grey Jumper Dress

I didn’t realise until editing these photos that I’ve somehow managed to scratch up the buckle and material near it – oops! Not sure how that happened.

I’m currently on the look out for a long black belt so that I can wear my ASOS Chunky Knit Cardigan with this outfit, without the cardigan opening up and draping over my wheels. If you have any suggestions of good places to look for this, please let me know! It’s hard, because unless someone can take me out, I only have the option of ordering online. And it’s so hard to know if a belt will fit right from a picture online.

What do you think of this outfit? How would you style a grey jumper dress?

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Styling A Grey Jumper Dress When Pregnant

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