Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

As usual around this time of year, the weather in the UK is variable. We’ll have a few days of beautiful sunshine, followed by a few days of cold and rain. Add to this the unreliable weather forecast, and choosing an outfit becomes extremely difficult. So I thought today I’d share with you an outfit that can be adapted for warmer or cooler weather, featuring a cute pair of grey shorts that I picked up in a charity shop!

wheelchair fashion, Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

I love that these grey shorts from New Look are longer than a lot of other shorts. They cover half of my thigh, even when I’m sitting. Skirts and shorts always ride up a little when you sit down, which is a massive consideration when using my wheelchair. As these grey shorts have a checked pattern with a strip of red in them, I’ve chosen to pull the red out by wearing a bold red lip.

I’ve decided to show you the cold day option of this outfit, as it was cold when I came to take the photos. For this version of my grey outfit, I’ve added leggings underneath the shorts. My favourites are from Select, as they fit my shape nicely and are really comfortable. Select have their leggings on a 2 for £8 offer, so they’re also affordable! For the warm day version of this outfit, I’d skip the leggings, particularly as the length of the shorts is more modest than many.

wheelchair fashion, Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

I’ve opted for a black long sleeved t-shirt for the colder spring/summer weather. This one came from Matalan. On a warmer day, I’d usually opt for a short sleeved t-shirt but sleeveless or a cami top would work just as well. I really like the combination of black and grey. I feel it shows the grey shorts off as the hero piece of the outfit. For an in-between outfit, you could wear the leggings and short sleeved t-shirt.

With the weather being so changeable, most of the time I would add my faux leather jacket from River Island to both the cooler and warmer weather version of this outfit. After all, you never know when the weather will suddenly turn.

Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

For my colder version of this outfit, I’ve opted for my black Chelsea boots from New Look. I really get on well with New Look’s footwear. I can usually get a good fit and they have lots of great styles available. For warmer days, I’d opt for either a pair of black pumps (like those in my Transitional Outfit post) or sandals (like those in my grey and black outfit post).

Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

The bag I chose for this outfit is my black Nica black cross body bag. This has been a favourite for several years now. It’s the biggest bag I’d be able to manage while using my wheelchair. So I’m currently on the hunt for a smaller black option. This was the outfit I wore when I visited Birmingham recently and the bag was the perfect size for the trip.

If you want to see this outfit in action, check out my Birmingham vlog!

Do you have any outfits that you can adapt depending on the weather?

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Styling Grey Shorts For Changeable Weather

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Tania Jayne


  1. Usually where I live, it gets super hot by now. And it will be, but our weather this year has also been unpredictable! It’s going to be sweltering hot next week, but last week during my SIL’s high school graduation, almost everyone was huddled up in blankets and were freezing cold! I especially had Raynaud’s. Love the jackets and the boots, and you can definitely pair the gray shorts with anything!


    • Wow! That’s a massive weather shift. I hope you all had a lovely time at your Sister-in-Law’s graduation, despite the weather. It’s so hard to get comfortable in the extreme temperatures, isn’t it!?! Thank you so much, you’re so right – anything goes with grey shorts! Xx

  2. Clothes doesn’t need to be expensive to be fashionable. I frequent charity shops as well for my clothes. Thanks for sharing!

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