High Street Or High End Lip Products?

Lip products are something I’ve struggled with for a long time. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I have a number of allergies. There’re ingredient(s) found in lip products that I’m allergic to, but can’t seem to work out what they are. This makes buying lip products difficult and potentially expensive. So, if you want to find out whether I prefer high street or high end lip products, and how my allergies influence this, keep reading!

High Street Or High End Lip Products

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Lip Gloss

I used to be a big lip gloss lover, in the days when I found lipstick made my lips look dry and were too pigmented for my taste. Thankfully, I’ve since found formulas that are comfortable to wear and didn’t make my lips look dry. I’ve also got used to bolder shades on my lips. As a result, I don’t gravitate towards lip gloss much any more, particularly not in the colder months.

I have to admit that I’ve not tried many high end lip glosses at all. In my early makeup days, I wanted to experiment. This was a time before I’d discovered high end brands. Now, because I tend to reach for lipsticks more than lip glosses, I’d also be inclined to stick to high street brands. I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a product I didn’t use very often.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

Saying this, one of my favourite lip gloss products is the Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Coralita. It’s the perfect formula to wear in summer, has a good amount of pigmentation and is a great summer shade.

Other lip glosses I’ve been impressed with are the NYX Butter Glosses, Maybelline Colour Elixirs (now discontinued), Revlon Colour Burst Lip Glosses (discontinued), L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Glosses (discontinued) and NARS Lip Glosses.

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Lip Crayon

My experience of lip crayon’s is very limited. I think I’ve only tried 4 or 5 brands! So this isn’t a category I feel I can really comment much on in terms of whether I prefer high street or high end. I can however, tell you that I really like the No7 High Shine Lip Crayons and the Urban Decay Lip Crayons (which seem to have been discontinued).

High Street Or High End Lip Products

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Lip Liner

Lip Liner is another category I haven’t experimented with much. I’ve tried a grand total of two high end lip liners and not many more high street options. However, I do wear lip liner most times I wear lipstick. So I feel it’s a category worth me talking about.

Until recently, I’d have said that I was firmly in the high street lip liner camp. However, I’ve been rather disappointed in my favourite lip liner over the past few months. For quite a while, the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner was my favourite. I have shades East End Snob and Obsession. While I still love the shades, I’m less impressed with the formula. I’ve noticed that the pencils break whilst applying, wasting product. This really frustrates me.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

So my new favourite formula is the MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner. I really like creamy lip liners and these are the only sharpenable pencil liners I’ve found that fit this description.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the high street has a great selection of lip liner shades, particularly compared with what’s on offer from high street brands. I don’t yet have the experience to say that I prefer high end lip liners over high street options. But, what I can say is that when I next pick up a new lip liner it’ll be from a high end brand.

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Lipstick

Most of the lipsticks I own are from high street brands. This is because, with the allergic reaction issue, when I find a line that works for me I stick to it. However, as my experience with three different shades of the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams revealed, this may not necessarily be the way forward for me.

Some of the lipstick brands I love are Rimmel, Revlon, Topshop, GOSH and YSL. I’d love to try Charlotte Tilbury and pick up some more MAC lipsticks.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

All of my YSL Rouge Volute Shine lipsticks have been bought with reward points or gift cards. Just before Christmas, I got my first MAC lipstick through the Back-To-MAC scheme. I prefer to ‘buy’ high end lipsticks this way, as it feels like I’m still being thrifty.

When it comes to high end lipsticks, I prefer to get them in shades I’ll wear often so I really get my money’s worth. If there’s a shade I want but am not sure how much I’ll use it, I’ll opt for a high street brand. These are usually the brighter shades.

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick is a category I put off trying for so long. My skin is dry and eczema prone, so I didn’t want to exacerbate this. It didn’t help that the first liquid lipsticks I ever tried, the Rimmel Apocalypse Lipsticks were really uncomfortable for me and left my lips weepy.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

After reading countless reviews, I finally caved and bought the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina with a gift card. Apart from the scent, I was instantly impressed. I’ve not tried any other high end liquid lipsticks, but there are so many I’d like to. Kat Von D springs to mind immediately.

I’ve tried one of two from high street brands since my experience with the Rimmel Apocalypse, but this has been very mixed. I’ve been really impressed with the GOSH liquid matte lips. The Borjous Rouge Edition were nice, but needed topping up and the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams were very hit and miss.

With my dry skin, I think I’m far more likely to buy a high street liquid lipstick in the future as, from what others have said and my limited experience, these seem to be less drying and last longer. Saying this, I’ve heard good things about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lips.

High Street Or High End Lip Products: Lip Balm

Not going to lie, I’ve never tried a high end lip balm. With such amazing, affordable lip balm options like the anatomicals lip balm and the Dr PawPaw balm, I’ve never felt the need to try a high end lip balm, and I can’t see this changing.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

High Street Or High End Lip Products: How My Allergy(s) Have Affected My Lip Product Choices

This is a really tricky one, and something that I’m still wrestling with. When it comes to high street makeup, you can’t try before you buy. So, there’s always a chance that I’ll have a reaction to a lip product and waste my money. But, high street lip products aren’t generally very expensive. So in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a huge loss. Not like if I were to buy a high end lipsticks and react to it.

However, high end brands offer the option to try products on before you buy. So I get to check that I’m not going to have a reaction before parting with my money. The biggest issue for me with doing this is that there are very few high end counters locally. As it can take up to 24 hours for my lips to show a reaction to a lip product, I can’t just try something on and then buy it straight away. So if I don’t react, I have to go back to the shop a second time or order online. It’s all a bit of a faff. Made all the more difficult by my mobility difficulties.

High Street Or High End Lip Products

I can’t test more than one product at a time, otherwise if I had a reaction I wouldn’t know which was the offending lip product(s). But, I daren’t buy a high end lip product without having tried it first, because it would be such a waste of money if I had a reaction!

So there’s this inner turmoil, as to whether to buy high street or high end lip products. With high street brands, I haven’t wasted much money if I react to a lip produce. But, it’s often hard to find ingredients lists. Where as with high end brands, the ingredients are always available and I can try without spending any money, but it’s a lot of effort and often exhausting.

Do you prefer high street or high end lip products? Do you have any recommendations for products I need to try?

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