The Low-FODMAP Diet

The FODMAP diet was devised by the Montash University, Australia as a diet to help ease IBS symptoms. This diet works by cutting out short chain carbohydrates, which are the most difficult carbohydrates for the human stomach to digest. This group is made up of:







When you start the Low-FODMAP diet you cut out all food from the above groups for at least 2 weeks to get them out of your system. After this you can begin to re-introduce foods one at a time into your diet. You need to only introduce one thing so that if you have a reaction you know what the trigger food was. After each reaction you should ideally have a further two ‘safe’ weeks before introducing another food. This is a time consuming process, but one I have found has changed my life.

The Low-FODMAP diet has a traffic light system to set out ‘safe’ foods, foods to have in moderation & foods to avoid. This system isn’t a one size fits all. For example, lettuce is on the ‘safe’ list but it is one of my IBS trigger foods.

Radicata Nutrition, IBS Diets & Stanford Health Care have comprehensive lists of the Low-FODMAP traffic light system. The Montash University also have a really useful App, which I can highly recommend!

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