Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

This is a blog post that I feel like I should’ve written long, long ago. I first discovered the world of YouTube and blogging when I was searching for ideas on how to do my makeup to show through my precision tinted lenses. I came across lots of Makeup For Glasses Wearers posts and videos, but none of them were helpful. What I wanted were ideas on how to bring my eyes out from behind my dark green lenses and lip and cheek ideas to compliment them! So today, finally, I’m bringing you the post that I was searching for for so long: Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Now, I was hoping to have photo examples to show you the different effects you can get with different makeup and application. But unfortunately I just don’t have the energy at the moment. The few photos I have, were taken before I got my new glasses in July. So I knew if I waited until I had all the photo examples I wanted, this post might never go up. Because who knows when I’ll be able to manage it once baby is here. I’ll update the photos as an when I can, but for now you’ll just have to take my word and try these ideas out for yourself.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Shimmery Eyeshadow On The Lid

Ok, so let’s start with the one example I do have pictures of to show you. Shimmery eyeshadow shows through coloured lenses much better than matte shades. The shimmer reflects light and as a result, stands out behind coloured glasses better. Glitter is also a great option on the lid. I’ve found that coloured lenses mute the effects of glitter a little, making it a totally day-to-day appropriate look! Want to know what my favourites are, check out My Favourite Glitter Eyeshadow post.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Above – light brown matte eyeshadow through green glasses 


Below – light brown shimmery eyeshadow through green glasses

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Inner Corner Highlight

This is along the same lines as wearing a shimmery eyeshadow on the lid. Adding a pop of highlighter in the inner corner of your eye makes the eyes stand out and look brighter. This is particularly true when wearing coloured glasses, as it takes more to make the eyes visible from behind the tints.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner has been one of the steps that’s made the biggest difference to my eyes showing through my precision tinted lenses. A black line, whether winged or just lining the upper lid makes such a difference. For a while, I experimented with different coloured eyeliner, but I’ve not realised that this was pretty pointless as my tints changed how the coloured liner looked to those around me and usually didn’t give the same definition that black liner does. So now I stick largely to black or brown if I want a softer look. If I want to be experimental with my liner, I’ll add in some glitter, as it catches the light and shows through my glasses.

Gold Glitter Eyeliner, Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

The makeup from my gold glitter eyeliner look.

Gold Glitter Eyeliner, Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Mascara/False Lashes

My approach to mascara when trying to bring my eyes out from behind my coloured glasses is go big or go home! The bigger and darker the lashes, the more likely they’ll be seen from behind my tints. Having dark defined lashes creates a subtle darkness around my eyes in a similar way to eyeliner. This gives more contrast between the whites of my eyes and the surrounding area, making them stand out more.

I’m not someone who wears lashes regularly. For day-to-day, I just can’t be bothered/don’t have the energy. But for special occasions, for me it’s all about the lashes to really make my eyes stand out.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Application

I’m not going to lie, applying makeup as someone who wears coloured glasses isn’t easy. For starters, you can’t see how your makeup will look to other people through your coloured lenses. When you look at your finished makeup with your glasses on, you’re seeing a coloured version of what everyone else sees. This distorts your ability to judge what has worked in the way you wanted it to, and what hasn’t.

They way I got round this problem was to take photos of my makeup with my glasses on at different angles. I could then take my glasses off to look at the photos and see how my makeup looked to everyone else.

Natural Warm Toned Eye & A Bright Pink Lip, Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

My makeup from my Natural Warm Toned Eye Look With A Pink Lip post.

Something worth considering with your makeup application is how dark your tints are. I’ve realised over the years that, because my tints are dark, I need to make my eye makeup bolder than I would if I didn’t wear them. This was quite hard for me to adapt to, as I like a more natural look. So applying more makeup and using darker shades felt counterintuitive. I’m still working on getting the balance right with this.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Consider Your Colours

This is something I learned the hard way. So many times I’ve seen green eyeshadow recommended for my eye colour. But with green being the colour of my tints (most of the time), it just doesn’t work. The green eyeshadow shades either clash with my glasses or don’t look different enough to stand out from behind my precision tints.

I’ve also noticed that other shades show up differently than I’d expect under my precision tinted lenses. For example, pinks and purples look very different with a green tint over them. A good way to gauge what different colours and shades will look like behind your glasses is to swatch them on your hand and then put your coloured glasses over the swatch.

Kiss False Eyelashes Ritzy, Subtle Glittery Eye, Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Makeup from my subtle glittery eye with a berry lip post, wearing Kiss False Lashes

*Please note: I feel like my makeup and photography skills have massively improved since this look and photo last year.

Since coming to this realisation, I’ve tended to stick to neutral shades for my eye makeup. However, I miss playing with colour, so I’m planning on adding one or two colours into my eye makeup. I’ll probably start with some purple shades, as these seem to work the best with my green lenses.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Don’t Neglect Other Areas Of Your Face

While it’s great to try to bring your eyes out from behind your coloured glasses, it can become frustrating. Depending on the colour and intensity of your lenses, there may only be so much you can do to make your eyes visible. So thinking about the rest of your makeup can help. Doing this can allow you to draw attention to different parts of your face and compliment your coloured glasses. It can also enhance your enjoyment of makeup if you’re feeling frustrated with what you’re able to achieve with your eye makeup.

For anyone wearing glasses, doing something with your eyebrows can really help frame your face and give you a polished look. But I feel this is particularly important when precision tints can hide our eyes. Finding the right brow shades and products can be difficult, but it’s well worth it.

Kiss False Eyelashes Sultry, Natural Cool Toned Makeup, Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Makeup from Natural Cool Toned Makeup Look post, wearing Kiss false lashes. 

*Please note: I feel like my makeup and photography skills have massively improved since this look and photo last year.

Blusher, lipstick and highlighter shades are well worth considering when thinking about makeup for coloured glasses. If you’re in the pink/red/orange area of the spectrum, you might want to consider whether your lipstick or blusher shades clash with the colour of your tints. I love experimenting with how bold vs. more natural lipstick shades look with my glasses.

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: Consider The Shape Of Your Glasses

I’ve always been a fan of highlighter, but I’m really gravitating towards it at the moment. I love the contrast highlighter gives my cheekbones against my cat eye frames. I think this love of highlighter is made stronger because my tints are darker now, so it’s harder to bring my eyes out from behind my coloured glasses.

Your face/glasses shape combination will play a part in what features you want to bring out, as well as how you go about doing this. Play around and find out what works for you and your current frames. If you don’t like how something looks when you try it, you can take it off and start again!

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers

Makeup For Coloured Glasses Wearers: General

The colour and intensity of colour in your glasses will have an impact on how effective each of these tips works. But hopefully they’ll give you some good ideas that you can adapt for your own coloured glasses.

These tips are meant as suggestions to make the most of your makeup when wearing coloured glasses. They are my personal tips and nothing more. You do you – if you like a certain look, colour or method of application, or if you don’t want to wear certain types of makeup then follow your heart! Makeup is about enhancing your beauty, not fitting into what society expects us to do.

If you’re a coloured glasses wearer and want any specific ideas for your glasses, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help! Or if you’d rather, you can send me an email at

Are you a coloured glasses wearer?

How do you like to do your makeup to bring your eyes out and compliment your tints?

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  • These tips are really clever Tania, and I know they’ll give a lot of new confidence and excitement to coloured glass wearers! I really appreciate you putting in the photos showing the contrast between shimmer and matte, as I could clearly see what a difference it makes.

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