Maternity Clothing Essentials

So, I’ve previously spoken about my maternity capsule wardrobe, and did a follow on post about converting to maternity wear. But, I haven’t yet spoken about my maternity clothing essentials – all the specific maternity pieces that I’m not wearing on a regular basis.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

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I say ‘all’ as though I’ve invested in a whole new maternity wardrobe. Far from it! I’ve bought a few key pieces that I’ve found I’ve been gravitating towards more on an every day basis than my non-maternity options. So I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to them!

It’s worth just mentioning here that most of my time is spent at home, on my own. We see Dan’s parents once a week and my parents come up every third week. The only other time I leave the house is to attend hospital appointments. As a result, my maternity clothing essentials are quite casual. They’re nice and I look put together, but they aren’t dressy and wouldn’t be ideal for a work environment, for example.

What To Wear With Purple, Maternity Clothing Essentials

The only time I’ve needed something a little more dressy than my maternity clothing essentials could create, was over Christmas. At this point, my purple body con maternity dress came in very handy! Plus I got it on sale – win, win!

So what casual maternity clothing essentials did I invest in? Well, there are just four pieces that I felt I needed. Maternity jeggings, leggings, t-shirts and a body con dress (for slightly more dressy occasions). That’s it! Nothing else in my wardrobe is from the maternity section.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

I’ve written about my love for maternity jeggings in my Converting To Maternity Wear post (linked above), so I’m not going to bore you with how comfy these are again. Maternity jeggings follow the same logic and while I’m still wearing my normal leggings too, they aren’t quite as comfy as the maternity version. With the waistband turned down, they also don’t look great with my body con dress as you can see the bumps under the dress.

Making A Plain Outfit Interesting With Ruby Shoo, Maternity Clothing Essentials

Maternity t-shirts were something I wasn’t expecting to get quite so much wear out of, but I love them! I have a couple of short sleeved options and a couple of 3/4 length sleeves. They’re so comfy and make me feel really proud of my bump. They’re also really helpful with baby bump wrapping, something I’ve started to do to help ease my back and hip pain – a combination of hEDS and SPD/PGP. I’ll be writing more on this in a separate post. Having fitted maternity t-shirts makes wrapping my baby bump a lot easier than it would be if I was wearing a loose fitted, regular t-shirt.

Making A Plain Outfit Interesting With Ruby Shoo, Maternity Clothing Essentials

As I do like dressing up, my favourite piece out of my maternity clothing essentials is my purple body con dress. It makes me look and feel amazing! It’s also the only time in my life that I’ve felt confident wearing a body con dress. So I’m trying to make the most of it! Not only that, but I rather like how the black wrap I’m using to support my stomach and hips looks with the purple dress.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

Now, as I’ve said, except the body con dress these maternity clothing essentials are basic, casual pieces. So, what I’ve been enjoying doing is making them more interesting with my regular fit cardigans and interesting accessories. A great example of this is in the outfit pictured. I’ve paired my jeggings and basic black maternity t-shirt with a long cardigan from my parents and a pair of gorgeous Ruby Shoo Laura Bar Shoes* from Jake Shoes.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

You can really make a basic outfit come to life with the right accessories!

What are/were your maternity clothing essentials? How do you like to make a basic outfit more interesting?

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