Recent Product Empties 4

I haven’t written an empties post for a while & honestly, I’m not sure why. I’ve had these things for a while, so I thought I’d show you what I’ve used up & my thoughts in my Recent Product Empties 4 post!

I tend to use the same skincare products. I have so many allergies that it’s safer for me to stick to things that work for me, rather than trying new products & risking a reaction. So that I don’t repeat my staple products in my recent empties posts, you can find out more about them in my Skincare Staples, Skincare Saviours & Haircare Routine.

Recent Product Empties 4

I have quite a few makeup products in my Recent Products Empties 4 post. The first of these is the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer. I had this in my Project Pan with the aim to finish it before it went bad. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this. The Stay Don’t Stay started to separate – eww!!! Before it went bad, this was a great product. I used it both on my eyelids & under my eyes, to reduce the creases in my concealer. For minimal makeup days, I would use the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray on it’s own under my eyes for a little coverage. I will definitely be repurchasing another of the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primers, but I want to use up a few more of my primers & cream eyeshadow bases first.

Another makeup product that I wasn’t able to use up, but had to throw away was my sample of the Rituals mascara. Unfortunately the stopper that wipes the brush as you take it out of the tube broke after a few uses. So when I took the wand out, it was covered in mascara & wasn’t useable. On the few occasions I used this mascara, I wasn’t wowed. So I wouldn’t purchase a full size.

Aqueous cream is something that I don’t think I’ve spoken about on my blog yet. I get this on prescription, but you can also buy it from pharmacies. Aqueous cream is something that has been used on my skin, either by my Mum or me, since I was 6 months old. There are a few different non-steroidal options for managing & treating eczema, but Aqueous cream is the one that works the best for me.

Recent Product Empties 4

For my nails, I’ve never found a better base coat than the No7 Stay Perfect Base Coat. This gives me the longest lasting manicure that I’ve had. Although I wasn’t able to finish this bottle, the consistence became gloopy & didn’t apply as smoothly. So I decided that it was time for another bottle. I’m looking forward to being able to try the No7 Top Coat to see if it improves the lasting power of my nails further.

There are two different cotton pads that I use. The Tesco Duo Faced Round Cotton Wool pads are the ones I use the most. I order these with the food shop, which is delivered to our door. So it’s partly for convenience that I stick to this brand. Saying that, I do find they work well for me. On the occasions that I run out before ordering a food shop, or I forget to add cotton pads to my order, I’ll head down to Wilko. This is because Wilko have the cheapest cotton pads in my local area &, until PIP is sorted, I can’t afford anything else. I prefer a duo faced cotton pad. I bought the Wilko Round Cotton Pads, because they were out of the duo faced version. The standard round cotton pads were ok, but they’re not what I would choose to use.

Along with Aqueous cream, Simple soap is something I’ve used all my life. It’s fragrance free & gentle on my skin. Some of the other Simple products contain citric acid, which affects my eczema. But the Simple soap doesn’t & works well for me.

Recent Product Empties 4

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Hands, Elbows, Knees & Feet is my go-to product for my feet. I often have dry heels & this has been the best thing to sooth & mend these. Not all products are suitable for use on the feet, so it’s great that Palmer’s have created this. I love the chocolate smell, but if this isn’t your cup of tea Palmer’s do make a fragrance free version.

The deodorant I’ve been using for a while is the Sure Cotton Fresh Roll On. I didn’t used to like roll ons, as they take a while to dry. But as I don’t have anything I have to rush to get ready for in the morning, it’s been worth switching to a roll on to save a little money. I usually do my physio exercises or yoga while I’m waiting for the roll on to dry.

My lash product I have to share with you is the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid Liner in Perversion. I got this liner with the Book of Shadows IV. When I first tried this, I struggled with the brush, It’s so flexible, which is something I wasn’t used to at the time. I persevered & it was worth it! I really liked this liner. You can get such precise application because the brush is so small. At £14.50, it’s not an eyeliner I could buy again at the moment, but once money is easier I would definitely consider picking up a new one.

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on with them?

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Recent Product Empties 4

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Tania Jayne


  1. I haven’t tried any of these products but it looks like I need to give some of these a go. My daughter suffers from eczema so I am always looking for gentle soaps and creams to use on her. Have never tried the simple soap so may give it a go. We use Aveeno cream on her skin which seems to be working at the moment. Must give that urban decay liner a go!

    Amina xx |

    • I’m sorry to hear your daughter suffers from eczema. It’s definitely worth speaking to her GP about suitable products to manage this. They should also be able to give her a prescription. I know everyone is different in what they need. Some people find E45 cream very helpful, but I can’t use it because it contains citric acid, which is a common trigger for eczema. I can highly recommend simple soap, as something that’s gentle on the skin. Xx

      • We have been discussing it with the GP since she was 1 when it all started ans they have prescribed various oitments and creams but after a while they stop working. A friend recommended Aveeno and luckily pur GP was able to prescribe as I know some don’t. Touch wood it has been working so far!

        • I’m glad your GP is supportive. My current GP suggested I try Diprobase, as it’s supposed to be better than Aqueous cream. Unfortunately it did nothing for me, but I guess it was worth a try. It’s fab that the GP will prescribe Aveeno. It’s not one I can try unfortunately, as it’s made with oats, which can be contaminated with wheat, which I’m allergic to. I’ve heard good things though. I’m glad it’s been working for your daughter, but if it starts to become less effective Aqueous cream is definitely worth trying. Xx

    • Thanks Leah! My closest Primark is a 15 minute train journey away, which just isn’t manageable at the moment. I’ll have to make sure I pick some up to try when I’m next close to a store. Xx

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