Styling A Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

Getting dressed up is always fun. I recently picked up the New Look Petite Red Heart Print Wrap Dress and wore it to a meal with hubby’s family. I wanted to share with you how I styled it when using my wheelchair (in the restaurant) and my crutches (around Dan’s parents’ house afterwards).

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

The basic outfit consisted of the Petite Red Heart Print Wrap Dress, with a black camisole underneath. You’ll be able to see from pictures that this was necessary to protect my modesty! I bought the size 8 dress as is seemed to fit better round the boobs and waist. I could’ve bought the size 10 and not needed to wear a camisole underneath, but it didn’t flatter my figure quite as well. This outfit would also look good with a white camisole underneath the dress. To keep my legs warm, I wore a pair of my trusty Select leggings.

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

For my wheelchair appropriate outfit, I added a jacket and my New Look heeled boots. Because we were going into a building that I didn’t know, I added my H&M floppy felt hat to protect me from any flashing or flickering lights that I may encounter. Thankfully the lighting was fine, but I’m glad I took the precaution.

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

For my crutches appropriate outfit, I wore my black shaggy cardigan from Primark. I find that I can’t move as easily when using crutches with a jacket on. So it was important for me to have another option. The cardigan doesn’t lie well when I’m using my wheelchair. It opens up and gets in the way of the wheels. I’m not sure if this is to do with the cut of the cardigan or because it’s quite big on me now that I’ve lost weight. I needed flat shoes to be able to walk, so I swapped my heeled boots for my New Look Chelsea boots.

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

The bag I chose for this outfit is one from Dorothy Perkins that I’ve had for a few years not. I bought it for my cousins wedding. It was one of the few black bags that I was able to find at the time with silver and not gold hardware. I always seem to forget to take a photo of my bags, so have to do them later. I’m going to work on this so that I can get some better shots.

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

The necklace I picked is one I created myself. The pearl and wings charms are both from Azendi, I thought they looked really pretty together, so I put them on the same chain. I really like how the pearl works with the white heart print on the dress.

Red Heart Print Wrap Dress

The New Look Petite Red Heart Print Wrap Front Dress is currently £9 online. It was originally £19.99, but I bought mine in store for £12.49 using gift vouchers. The Red Heart Print Wrap Dress also comes in maternity. New Look have a number of other styles of wrap front dresses, that are all very pretty.

I really like the design and fit of this dress. However, I have found that it creases easily. So it’s not ideal for wearing on an occasion that I’m going to be using both my crutches and wheelchair. I also noticed throughout the day that when sitting, the skirt part of the dress has a tendency to open up and show more of my legs that I’d like. This is fine when I’m wearing leggings, but not appropriate for all occasions. I may put a stitch into the bottom of the skirt to keep this from happening in the future.

What do you think of the two outfit options? I was expecting to be freezing when wearing them, but I really wasn’t!

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Tania Jayne


  1. Red dress with hearts on it? Yes please!! I want it!!! Thanks Tania, heading over to New Look website, hope they have it in stock! x


    • Thank you so much Gemma, you’re so kind. I love how this dress flatters my figure and makes me feel pretty. I’m going to be wearing it when I go to watch my husband’s school production. Xx

    • Aww!!! Thank you so much! I’m hoping to do more posts like this. Where I don’t need to style the outfits differently I’m going to take photos using both so that you can see how the outfits look both stood up and sat down. Xx

  2. Love this dress, it really looks good on you. I also adore the necklace. looks perfect for a meal out x

    • Thanks Kate! I love how it makes me feel sophisticated and pretty. I’ve already got another occasion lined up to wear it to. Xx

    • I love how the dress makes me feel. IT’s just a shame about the creasing. Even when I’m only sitting down it’s not ideal. I can overlook it for the cut and colour of this dress though. Xx

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