Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review And Swatches

So, for the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for an all-in-one eyeshadow palette to take on holiday with me. The criteria for said palette included a matte brow bone shade and a nice mix of warm and cool tones. I also wanted it to be from a high end brand, because I want to immerse myself in luxury on our cruise. Self indulgent I know. But, after the year plus of hell the DWP have put me through (emotionally and financially), I figured I’ve earned a little luxury. Then I saw that the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was being released and my palette criteria went out the window!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

For our holiday (cruise to the Norwegian Fjords) I want to pack light, but also have options. After reading Leah from Devoted To Pink’s review of the Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette and seeing her say that she usually takes three palettes on holiday with her, I now feel like it’s totally socially acceptable for me to do the same.

I suspect I’ll be taking the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette (obvs! Just look at those summery shades!), Naked 2 for my cool toned option and possibly Naked 3 as I’ve got quite a few outfits with pink in them that would look beautiful with a rose gold toned eye look like the one in my Rose Gold Eye Look. I’m still deciding on my third palette. But, I’m sure I’ll be sharing the contents of my holiday makeup bag with you in due course.

Urban Decay held a pre-sale on the 12th June. I genuinely thought there were only going to be a handful of palettes available and that they’d have sold out in a matter of minutes. But I have to say, Urban Decay really came through by restocking the palette several times throughout the day. I managed to get mine at about 12:30pm. I received a text from DPD on Thursday evening to say that my order would be delivered on the 16th. Shortly after, I got a confirmation email from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to set my alarm for 7am so that I could be ready for the delivery. Our front doorbell is temperamental and it takes me a while to get to the door. So I need to be in the front room ready. I thought I’d regret this decision the day after, with increased pain and fatigue. But, I hadn’t banked on regretting it as soon as my alarm went off! I hadn’t slept particularly well because of the heat and then the shock of the alarm going off set my PoTS off.

Actually, I didn’t need to get up so early, but I wasn’t to know that. I got a text from DPD at around 9am to say my palette would be delivered between 11:49 and 12:49. This was helpful, as it meant that I was able to plan my day.

Any who, you’re not here for my ramblings about the wheres and the whys. You want to see swatches of the gorgeous warm toned summery shades in the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Urban Decay Naked Heat palette Swatches

Shades L to R: Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil, Dirty Talk, Scorched, Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes and Ember

I LOVE Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes. I don’t have the Basics palettes yet. But, I have all the others from the Naked line, as well as several of their more colourful palettes. While I’ve only spent an afternoon playing with this palette, I’m confident from my previous experiences of Urban Decay’s palettes that my initial thoughts won’t change over time.

Unfortunately, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette doesn’t include a matte brow bone shade. So for me, this isn’t a stand alone palette. I was really impressed with how smooth and pigmented the shimmer shades were, as well as the lighter mattes. I didn’t get quite the same feels from the darker matte shades. As you can see from my swatches, they start off beautifully. But, as I’ve moved my finger down my arm the colours loose pigmentation quickly and in some cases become patchy. On the eye, they apply nicely, but you can only work on a small area at a time.

Interestingly, when I created my Terracotta Halo Eye YouTube Video, I found that adding a second layer of eyeshadow not only made the colour more pigmented, but it turned it into a darker shade. I’m not quite sure what kind of witchcraft Urban Decay have implemented to make this happen, but I like it!

I really like the combination of shades included in the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. However, I do agree with Erin from Make Erin Over, who said in her Naked Heat Review and Swatches post that the palette is missing a gold shade. Before playing with my Naked Heat palette, I was glad that Half Baked wasn’t included. It’s a shade I have in SO many Urban Decay palettes and I’m not convinced that it suits me. However, I think it would work really well with these shades. So much so, that I suspect I’ll be pulling it from my Naked Original or Naked 2 (or any of the other palettes I have it in) to use with Naked Heat.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

I’ve previously been eying up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, but I’ve been scared to buy it because of the red shades. I really don’t think they would suit me. The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette gives me all the feels I was getting from the ABH Modern Renaissance, but without the fear of red. NB, I’m not comparing these two palettes or saying that there are dupes in the palette. Just that the shades are in a similar area on the colour wheel.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette has the same casing as the Naked Smoky palette. If you want to know more about the Naked Smoky palette, you can check out my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review. The text is slightly raised, which I wasn’t expecting. The colours that have been chosen for the background represent the shades in the palette well. I like this style of casing, but I’m not sure why Urban Decay have so many different palette case styles in their Naked line. I like things to be uniform when they’re in a series but they’re not.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

The brush is dual ended. It has a similar rounded brush to the other Naked palettes (except the original Naked). I found the Naked Heat version to feel a little denser than that of Naked 2. The other side of the brush is shorter and thicker than the ones found in Naked 2 and 3. I really like both the brushes, though the rounded brush is denser than I would usually reach for. Both brushes applied my eyeshadow very nicely and felt lovely to use.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette costs £39.50 and launches on the 27th July on urbandecay.co.uk. From the 3rd August it will be available in stores, including Debenhams and Debenhams.com.

Will you be buying the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette or did you manage to pick it up in the pre-release? What shade excites you most?

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

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Tania Jayne


  1. Great review Tanya and I loved your video too, I love this palette and will definitely be picking it up asap, I’m really into warmer toned shadows at the moment and these are perfect xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • Thank you so much Zoe! Yay, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have so far. It’s like nothing else I have in my collection so I could completely justify buying it. Xx

  2. oh my goodness thank you for linking back to me! So kind of you! :) I feel so bad to ruin it for people by saying its missing a gold, but I really think half baked works so well with it! – and I loved your review, ill need to watch the video when I get home from work! I didn’t realis eyou had youtube!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • You’re welcome! It was a fantastic observation. I don’t think you’ve ruined anything, just give people more options. I don’t think I’d have thought to pull out Half Baked from one of my other palettes if you hadn’t mentioned it. But now I’m going to be able to show some love to a shade I’ve previously found difficult to work with. I’m so glad you like the review! I’ve had a YouTube video for quite a while, but took a break. I’m very glad to be back to it now. Xx

  3. I’m glad you were able to treat yourself after going through some tough shit, you deserve it! As far as this palette goes, I don’t think I will get it because it looks exactly like the Sweet Palette and the NYX Warm Neutrals (both of which I have). I will say though, I watched your little demo and it looks so beautiful on you! Dirty Talk is a gorgeous shade. I would so get it if I didn’t have the other palettes!


    • Thank you so much darling! It really is so hard to have to go without the things we need for our health because of bureaucracy. I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! It’s definitely a palette worth getting, but not if you’re going to end up duplicating shades you already own. Xx

  4. I’ve not got any Naked palettes and although I LOVE the shades in it they are all very similar to palettes I already have so didn’t purchase. I loved your tutorial on it though! x

    • I’m the other way round. Naked 2 was my first ever high end palette and I picked up the original Naked within a year. So I’ve passed on other palettes because I feel like I already own similar shades within my Naked palettes. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my tutorial! That’s high praise indeed. Xx

  5. I’ve never gotten on well with UD shadows, except for Buck, and I just gave my only Naked palette to my sister. Mostly because the shades all look the same on me. Then this came along!

    The shade range is right up my street, but the pigment also looks a lot more varied on darker skin tones. I can’t wait to buy it!


    • Oh no! That’s such a shame. I find it really interesting how different shades and shade combinations look on different skin tones. It’s something I’d never had thought about a few years ago. I love that some brands are now providing swatches on different skin tones. I hope you love this palette as much as I do! Xx

    • It’s so pretty! I love the shades. The orange eyeliner looks lovely, but I just know I wouldn’t use it (and I’m allergic to the lipsticks). Xx

  6. This palette looks amazinggggggg! Thanks for sharing :P I gonna have to go get it now ahah <3


    • It’s so pretty! I don’t have anything else like it in my collection. I hope you’re able to get hold of it when it’s released and that you love it as much as I do. Xx

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