Styling A Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt

When I was at my biggest, I really struggled to feel nice in anything I wore. This yellow roll sleeve shirt from Dorothy Perkins was one of the few items of clothing that made me feel good about myself. I’m not sure whether it was the fit and cut of the shirt, or the colour, but I loved it. Thankfully, despite loosing about 2 stone in weight because of coming off my medications, I still think I can pull it off just as well as a size 10 as I did when I was a 12/14.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

Please excuse my closed eyes in these photos. I was way too bright for me when I took the photos.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

When I put this outfit together, I really struggled to get the roll of the yellow roll sleeve shirt how I wanted them. So instead, I opted for for wearing them straight. I could always sew the sleeves when I’ve managed to get the rolls how I want them. The only problem with this is that I couldn’t then wear them not rolled up. Decisions, decisions!

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

I really like that this yellow roll sleeve shirt is transparent. It allows me to wear a scrappy top underneath to not only cover my modesty, but also define my figure. This white scrappy tops is from New Look. The roll sleeve shirt softens the definition to scrappy top gives, hiding a multitude of sins that I was very conscious of when I was at my largest. Plus, it’s yellow! This is one of only a few yellow items of clothing that I own, but has made me want more.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

Dorothy Perkins don’t sell the yellow roll sleeve shirt any more, but they have a coral roll sleeve shirt (£20, currently in the sale for £16) that I’m seriously considering buying.

I paired my yellow roll sleeve shirt with a pair of jeans from New Look. They didn’t fit me until recently and have been living in the loft. I’m so glad that I can get into them again, as they really are a lovely cut.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelch

I’m really pleased to have found a pair of sandals to go with my Next tan shoulder bag (not shown). I’ve been on the hunt for sandals that compliment the shade of the bag (it’s been really hard). When I came across these tan wedges for £19.99 in New Look, I fell in love! It’s so nice to be able to wear heels again. I haven’t been able to try these sandals with my wheelchair yet, but I’m sure they’ll be absolutely fine on the foot plate.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt, wheelchair fashion

Instead of my tan bag, I chose my Cath Kidston shoulder bag. I find a strap round my waist rather than across my body is easier for self-propelling. Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding a shoulder bag with a strap that’s long enough. While my Cath Kidston bag is a little bigger than I would usually opt for on my lap, it’s ok if I make sure I don’t put too much in it.

Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt

I opted for minimal jewellery and just added my double heart t-bar necklace from Autumn And May. This was an 18th birthday present from my brother (with a matching necklace) and I love it! The length of the chain and the way the heart charms sit work perfectly with the neckline of my yellow roll sleeve shirt.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Easy Living Mobility for lending me their Pride I-Go while my wheelchair is being repaired. My wheelchair is being returned to me today – I just hope that it’s fixed and put back together right this time.

What do you think of this blouse? What items of clothing make you feel great?

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Styling A Yellow Roll Sleeve Shirt

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Tania Jayne

  • Corinne C

    It’s such a lovely outfit. The shoes are way too cute and I love the blue tinted glasses! Wow for losing 2 stone because of coming off meds. It’s metal that medication can make you do that but the pill has made it hard for me to lose weight!

    Corinne x

    • Thank you so much Corinne! I’m really loving the shoes. I’ve got new glasses now and unfortunately they’re darker so look like sunglasses. I wouldn’t mind but for strangers thinking that they can make jokes about me wearing ‘sunglasses’ indoors. *Rolls eyes* I’m so glad the weight has fallen off me. I’m determined not to go back on that medication again. While it helped my pain, my self image and self confidence took a nose dive. Not helped by comments from people about how my weight couldn’t be helping my joints (even though it was a medication to help with the pain). *rolls eyes even harder* I’m so sorry to hear that you’re struggling with medication and weight too. It’s really hard, isn’t it!?! So many people don’t understand either. Xx

  • Megan Hillery

    This is such a cute outfit, I like it! The sandals have got to be my favourite ;) Well done on losing weight, I’m glad you are happy!

    Meg x |

    • Thank you, though I don’t deserve any congratulations. I haven’t done anything to instigate the weight loss, it’s just happened naturally coming off the medication. Xx

  • This outfit suits you so well!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris

  • Your blouse is stunning! I really love the colour and you look so pretty :)

    • Thanks Heather! I really want to get more yellow pieces. Xx