Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer

Managing PoTS can be difficult at the best of times, but many people find the heat of summer to significantly worsen their symptoms. Me included. So before the hot weather kicks in, I thought I’d put together some tips for managing PoTS in summer. I really hope you find them helpful.

Managing PoTS in Summer

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Ice Lollies

Ice lollies serve two purposes for managing PoTS in summer. They increase your water consumption and cool you down. You may be wondering how increasing your water intake can reduce PoTS symptoms. The answer is that it raises blood pressure and lowers the heart rate. I’ll often have three ice lollies in a day during the summer, so it’s important to check the packet to make sure my sugar consumption isn’t too much. If you’re concerned about this, or if buying ice lollies is an extra expense that you can’t manage, you can always make your own.

Managing PoTS in Summer

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Using A Facial Mist

Another great way to stay cool in the summer and reduce the impact heat has on your PoTS is to use a facial mist. I find mine is particularly useful when out and about. You never know when you’ll come across a building who’s air conditioning is broken.

I found a facial mist particularly helpful when I was I was experiencing excessive facial sweating as a symptom of my PoTS. I know, TMI right!?! Thankfully, this isn’t a symptom I get often any more. When I did, having a facial mist helped me feel fresh, rather than sticky and gross.

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Never Leave Home Without A Bottle Of Water

As I’ve said above, water is helpful in managing PoTS symptoms. In the summer, I like to half fill my bottles and put them in the freezer. Make sure you only half fill the bottle though, because water expands when it freezes. Then, take it out of the freezer just before you leave the house and top it up. The ice will melt slowly and keep your water cold. This is great not only for drinking, but you can also put it on your forehead to cool you down. Even if you don’t freeze some water, it’s important to take a bottle of water out with you. You never know when you’ll be able to buy a drink when you’re out.

It’s also worth keeping a bottle of water by your bed. Where possible, cold and/or with ice in. Mini fridges are worth considering, though they can be noisy.

Managing PoTS in Summer

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Pocket Fans Are Your Friend

Unfortunately, because of my photosensitive migraine, I can’t use pocket fans as the blades create a flicker. But having a pocket fan can be really helpful for keeping cool and managing heat related PoTS symptoms. The beauty of a hand held fan is that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Find The Shade

The temperature is always lower in the shade, so it makes sense to spend as much time in the shade when you’re out and about as possible. However, this isn’t always practical. If you’re going somewhere that there won’t be much/any shade, consider taking a parasol or umbrella to create your own.

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: Sandals

I live in sandals during the summer. They let the air get to your feet, keeping you that little bit cooler. They also don’t feel as uncomfortable when your feet start to get hot and prickly and a little swollen as the result of blood pooling associated with PoTS.

Tips For Managing PoTS In Summer: A Cool Vest

Now, a cool vest is a big investment. You’re looking at around about £200 pounds. While I don’t have a cool vest yet, I’m in the process of sourcing one. While the tips above have all been benefitted me in managing PoTS in summer, I’ve still had days where I can’t sit up for more than 30 minutes at a time. After reading Jo’s Phase Change Cooling Vest Review I knew that this was something I’d really benefit from.

A cheaper alternative would be to wrap a bag of frozen peas in a towel and place it on your body. This is harder to do while going about your daily life, but a lot cheaper. Just make sure you don’t eat the peas afterwards.

Managing PoTS In Summer

What are your tips for managing PoTS in summer?

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Managing PoTS In Summer

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  1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much. I know exactly what you mean, summer is so much better for my migraine and joints but it’s playing havoc with my PoTS.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’d never heard of TheraPearl before. How long do yours stay cold? The website says 20 minutes, which seems a little short. I was all for getting a cool vest, but when I’ve researched them they only last for 1-2 hours. I might invest in one when I have kids and have to be able to pick them up from school, but getting one at the moment wouldn’t allow me to do anything extra. I was expecting it to be an option to allow me to go on days out for £200! I’ve been debating buying a bandage to wrap my peas around me. At the moment I’m just using them at night on either my stomach or my side, depending on how I’m sleeping at the time. My sleep is so disturbed in the heat that when ever I move, I wake up. So I’ve managed to keep them on me all night!

    I’m so glad the face mist suggestion was helpful! I wouldn’t be without mine. I really hope it helps you feel a little more comfortable. Xx

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