Twitter Shadowban And How To Fix It

You might’ve noticed that I’ve been having some problems with my Twitter account. This is because I was shadowbanned. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about shadowbanning, what causes it and what you can do to fix it. So I thought I’d share my experience of a Twitter shadowban, including what I did to get my account back to normal.

Twitter Shadowban

For those who don’t know, a shadowbox is when you’re hidden from hashtag searches. Usually, if you search the hashtag from a shadow banned account, you’re tweets will show up to you under the hashtag, but not to everyone else. So to find out if you’ve be hit with a Twitter shadowban (or a ban on Instagram), you’ll need to log into a different account to see if you’re showing up under the hashtags you’re using.

I first realised that I was having problems with my Twitter account around October of 2015. I was taking part in Twitter chats, but no one was interacting with me. This became quite disheartening, until I found out that it was because my Tweets weren’t showing up in the chats.

I only found out about my Twitter shadow ban when I accidentally scheduled the Spoonie Speak chat questions from my personal account. If my tweets were showing up in hashtag searches, this wouldn’t have been a problem. But because they weren’t, no one saw me tweet the questions. I realised something was up when regular participants in the #SpoonieSpeak chat got in touch to ask me if everything was ok.

You’d think that Twitter would have information on what causes a Twitter shadowban and how to fix it, but no. Twitter’s support pages leave a lot to be desired, as the information is vague. I was able to deduce that my Twitter shadowban was probably that I’d been flagged up as spam. But there was no information about what Twitter views as spam. I wasn’t over using hashtags and I wasn’t tweeting blog post links more than once an hour. I wasn’t the only blogger affected by the Twitter shadowban either. Hayley from Tea Party Beauty also found herself in the same situation.

Twitter Shadowban

With very little information on Twitter’s website, Hayley and I both contacted Twitter’s @support account to try to get some help. Unfortunately, we were both ignored on several occasions.

After more than a year of researching and trying to find out more information, I gave up. My growth had slowed and not being able to join in with Twitter chats was making me feel isolated. I’m not able to get out of the house much, so I rely on being able to interact with people on social media. So I decided to set up a new account. I knew that although this would mean I took a loss in followers initially, in the long run a new account with working hashtags would grow better. So I set up a new account.

After a couple of months with my new account, I found out that even more bloggers were being hit by the Twitter shadowban. One of these was Milly from Mini Adventures. Milly came up with a genius idea to get her shadowban lifted and was kind enough to share it with the rest of us. I’m so grateful to Milly for this.

So what was this genius idea? Well, apparently the world revolves around money. Milly found that by contacting the Twitter Ads team and suggesting that she wanted to place an ad, but her hashtags weren’t working resulted in her Twitter shadowban being lifted. This was done within two hours of contacting the Twitter Ads team.

While I’d set up a new account, I knew I had to try in the hope I could get my original Twitter account back. I’d worked so hard to create my community. Low and behold, within 2 hours of contacting the Ads team, my Twitter shadowban had been lifted (and I didn’t have to buy any ads, only enquire about them).

Twitter Shadowban

I asked the support team why my account had been shadowbanned. They were able to tell me that my account had been flagged up as spam, but not why this had happened. The only thing I can think is that I’d been an innocent bystander, caught up in an algorithm.

To those who have come over to my new account and then come back to my original one, thank you. I know it’s an inconvenience and I’m really sorry. Please know that I’ve seen you and you are really appreciated. If you’ve followed my new account but not come back to my original, don’t worry! This is probably the first you’re hearing about me being back on my original account. Thank you for moving over to my new account. I really appreciated your support in what was a difficult time.

I’ve locked my new account and changed the name. I don’t know whether to leave it and just not use it other to point people back to my original account, or whether to delete it all together. Please let me know if you’ve any advice on this. If I do delete the new account, please don’t worry. I haven’t unfollowed you, I’m just back where I should be.

I’ve received word that this method isn’t as reliable now, with friends saying that Twitter Ads Support have told them that there’s nothing they can do. The same friends have gone on to have success when requesting their account be verified. So if you feel you can argue a case for receiving a blue tick, this might be another option to explore.

You can use this Shadowban Checker to see if you’ve been shadow banned.

Update: I, and many of my blogger friends and been shadow banned again. I’m hoping it’s just a 72 hour soft ban. I’ll keep you posted.

I canceled all promotional blog tweets and just used Twitter for sharing daily life bits and bobs without hashtags. After 48-72 hours (because I don’t know when I was hit by the shadow ban) it was lifted. I’m now going to apply the 70:30 ratio, with only 30% of my tweets being blog promotion.

If you’ve found this post helpful, please consider helping me with my with my GoFundMe campaign. This is to raise the money for a SmartDrive so I can be the best Mum possible to our baby girl, due 22nd March. Donations are greatly appreciated, as are shares on social media – you never know who will see it!

Have you been hit by the shadowban on Twitter or Instagram?

How has it affected you? Have you been able to fix the issue?

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Twitter shadowban

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Tania Jayne


  1. It makes me SO angry to hear that they only bothered to sort out the issue when they thought they could get money out of you! I hadn’t heard of shadow banning on Twitter (I only thought it happened on Insta) until you spoke up about it, and now it seems to be happening more and more often

    Steph –

    • Thank you so much for your support darling! It really means a lot. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me. Xx

  2. I never knew shadow bans were happening on Twitter too!! What a simple way to fix it but very annoying that you had to do that to get it fixed too. I knew this was happening on Instagram and I think it’s happened to me so maybe I should try the same thing with Insta? x

    • The shadowbans are such a pain. I really hope you haven’t been hit by it on Instagram. I’ve not done much research into the Instagram shadowban, but I’ve heard some people sre only affected for 24 hours and then the ban is lifted. If your’s is longer then it’s worth trying this. Xx

  3. hello there! how exactly do i contact twitter ads and how should i approach them about it? my account has been shadowbanned as well and its so frustrating not being able to talk with my friends :(

    • Hi! So sorry to hear that you’ve been hit by this too. I sent a direct message to the @TwitterAdsHelp account. The message said “Hi, I want to place some ads but my account isn’t showing up in search or on hashtags. I’m not sure what to do. Would you be able to advise please?” They took it from there. Asked me one or two questions and then sorted the account out for me. Good luck! Xx

      • Thanks for the reply! I have sent them the message and i’m currently waiting for their reply. Does it take a while for them to respond?

        • Hi Rose, Hmm… I wonder why they want you to have a Twitter Ads account (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!). Surely they don’t expect people to set up an Ads account when their basic Twitter features aren’t working!?!

          When they started looking into it for me, they asked me if I wanted to pace the ad with my new account, or the one I was contacting them from (my original account that was affected by the shadow ban). I told them I wanted to place the ad from the account I was contacting them from because it had a bigger reach already and they seemed ok about that. The next thing they said was that they’d sorted my account. I’m afraid I can’t remember the conversation word-for-word. My memory is affected by my chronic illnesses.

          It might be something to do with the size of your following or how often you use your account. They may not be able to see why you would want to use Twitter Ads on a personal account (assuming yours is personal) and so aren’t willing to help because they don’t see you placing an ad. But that’s pure speculation. They may have come across this post, as it’s been shared on Twitter, and not be onto this method of getting the shadowban lifted. Xx

          • Hello!! My shadowban was actually lifted after three days of waiting! I was afraid it wouldn’t ever go away, but it did after three days! Thank you so much for all the help! I appreciate it. :)

          • hi, may i know what did you reply after they replied you about the ads account?

  4. Hi there, I was thinking about contacting twitter ads too like you did here but I wonder since my account isn’t really that big, and fairly new, I wonder if this would work? I just found it so frustrating not being able to talk to my close friends on twitter because I got shadowbanned and my tweets don’t show up in their notifications :(

    • Hi Ann! To be honest, I’m not sure if it matters how big your account is or not. Axekk (below) has contacted Twitter Ads about their shadowban and unfortunately not received support from them. This may be due to account size, but it could be a number of other factors too.

      I’m not sure whether there’s something more to the difficulties you’re facing. A shadowban shouldn’t stop your friends receiving notifications from you. I’m not sure whether Twitter have other methods of limiting people’s accounts though. However, I’ve noticed that Twitter has been a bit glitchy recently and I’ve not received some notifications. I’ve spoken to others who have noticed the same. Hopefully the notification issue is just a glitch. I’m sorry I can’t help more. Xx

    • I’m experiencing the same thing right now. A follower told me that she didn’t receive any notification from my account. It’s so frustrating. What happened to your account? Did it go back to normal? What did you do?

  5. Hello I just informed that my account got shadowbanned because they didn’t get any notifications from me and my tweets doesn’t show up in other quoted tweet. But I searched my account and it’s still show up. What should I do?

    • Hi! I’m not really sure what to suggest here, it sounds like more is going on than a shadowban. Who told you that you’re account has been shadow banned? A standard shadow ban shouldn’t affect notifications, just the ability for people to see you’re tweets when searching a hashtag. Twitter has been a bit glitchy recently with lots of people saying that they’re missing notifications from friends. I don’t know why your tweets wouldn’t show up in quoted tweets, that’s very strange. I’d suggest contacting Twitter Support, but it’s unlikely that they’ll answer. Not using your account for 72 hours may do the trick if you’ve caught this soon enough. If not, it’s worth deactivating your account for 72 hours, as this may do the trick. I’m sorry I can’t be more help. Xx

  6. hi. I got shadowbanned and I didn’t know when it started. I dm’ed twitter ads but they haven’t responded to me. is there any alternative way i could get my account back to normal?

    • Hi Kai, some of my blogger friends have had success by applying for verification, but this may depend on what you use your account for. My 48-72 hour ban was lifted by me not tweeting links or hashtags for a few days, but I think this largely depends on how long you’ve been shadow banned for. You could try contacting Twitter Support, they may have improved since I attempted to contact them and got ignored. I’m afraid I’m not sure what to suggest otherwise. I spent more than a year trying to get my account sorted with no luck. It’s so frustrating. Good luck! Xx

  7. hi, recently i got to know that I got shadowbanned but i didn’t know when it started. is there any way that my message would not get to read if I dm’ed my following twitter accounts that don’t follow me back? I just contacted twitter ads but haven’t got the reply from them. I wish the shadowban would be lifted :[

      • Hi, it very much depends on the settings people have on their Twitter accounts. You can set your account to only receive notifications from accounts that you follow. So if someone has this setting selected and they don’t follow you, they won’t receive notifications when your tweet or message them. I considered reporting my account as suspended, but as it was ‘only’ shadow banned and not suspended, there were aspects of the report that I couldn’t fill in. As a result, I couldn’t report my account as suspended. It might be worth sending the Twitter Support account a direct message. I can’t say for certain whether they’ll answer though. I messaged them when I first found out that I was shadow banned and they didn’t reply. But there’s not way of reporting a shadowban on the website that will get you any more than an acknowledgment that they’ve received your feedback but can’t reply individually. Good luck! Xx

  8. I recently became aware of shadowbanning and I checked my Twitter account on that website, to my surprise I’m shadowbanned but I don’t know why nor how to fix if there’s even a way to.

    It shouldn’t really bother me but shadowban sounds pretty bad.

    • Just curious. Same thing happened to me. Have you been unshadowbanned? My ban was lifted after 72 hours.

      • Hi, I’m surprised to say I’m not shadowbanned anymore I dunno how it works but they remove you by the looks of it, Clare.

        • I’m so glad your ban has been lifted Felipe. It seems that if you catch it quickly enough and either don’t use your account for a few days, or don’t use hashtags or retweet content, the ban is lifted. There seems to be a ‘soft’ ban and ‘hard’ ban. I can only assume that accounts are put in the ‘soft’ ban category first and then if content continues to be seen by Twitter as spam, this becomes a ‘hard’ ban. I have nothing that backs this theory up though, only my own experiences and those of other Twitter users. Twitter are very quiet on the matter of shadowbans. Xx

  9. Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for this article. It was really useful for me. I was shadowbanned on Monday and Thursday (today), I sent the Twitter ads help account messages requesting an add, because I didn’t think they would unshadowban me after 72 hours. I don’t know if my tweets had anything to do with being unshadowbanned, but the ban was lifted about 72 hours later. Thank you for this article, though. Really informative! Can’t believe Twitter would be so cruel. Good luck. Thanks, again.

    • I’m so glad this post was helpful! I’m glad that your ban has been lifted. They can just be placed on an account for 72hrs and then lifted if your activity doesn’t continue to seem spamy to Twitter. It sounds like you found out about the ban at just the right time! Xx

  10. I’m shadowbanned and only checked after reading your article. i do a lot of competitions, retweets on twitter so i presume thats why. Does this mean that all the retweets and hundreds of comps i’ve entered have been a waste of time as the comp runner won’t see my retweets and replies to them? I’d be grateful for any advice because i’ll close my account if it does and at least will know not to bother entering any more. Its the same with fb though and i wonder why they let people run competitions if you get into trouble for entering them and following instructions.

    • Hi Suzanna. If you’re retweeting a lot of competitions, this can cause your account to be seen as spam by Twitter. I read this on their help pages when I was trying to get answers for my own shadowban, but can’t find the page to link for you at the moment. Your entries will still be counted. When you’re shadow banned, you’ll still be able to retweet( which will be seen by the account you’re retweeting) and will be able to talk to others. The only thing that should be affected by a shadow ban is that your tweets won’t show up in searches. If anything else is affected than it’s likely that you’re experiencing more than ‘just’ as shadowban. I really hope that’s helped! Xx

      • thank you Tania. That helps a lot. I though comp pages on twitter wouldn’t be able to see my likes, retweets to them or dms.Thank you :)

      • Not exactly correct concerning the Tweets and searches. When signed into my account it shows +1500 tweets, but when I used another account and pulled up my account it showed I’ve tweeted 113 times and nothing since early December. I don’t know why but to test if you have been banned go to this site and if it shows your blocked then you have been banned. The link is an ultra liberal site which bans all conservative comments.

  11. So I’ve got two accounts. One that I used for blogging, another newer one that I use to promote my YouTube & BitChute channels. I stopped using the old one because I had been informed by some friends that they weren’t seeing my tweets anymore. I assumed I had been shadowbanned so I created the newer account. Now the newer account has been shadowbanned! Confirmed it using that nifty little tool. I’ve appealed to Twitter Ads Support. We shall see what happens.

    Worse comes to worse I just go back to using my original account I suppose.

    • So How you got your account back? I am having the same problem. any help would be appreciated.

  12. I’ve only been on Twitter a few months and don’t think I’ve done anything contentious but I’ve been shadowbanned and I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to grow my blog and following, I’m posting great content every week, and this is severely damaging my efforts. I’m unlikely to get verified as I’m so new. I and some of my followers have tweeted at Support multiple times and I’ve also raised a help query. What can I do? And assuming I get it fixed, how can I find out why it happened so it doesn’t happen again?

  13. I’m shadowbanned, I run an entertainment website that reviews films, theatre and does event coverage, Twitter removed my accounts tweets a while back and although I’ve tried and tried until I’m blue in the face to get any help from them, they just ignore all my requests. It seems so ridiculous that an account with 32K followers and one that tweets entertainment news and more would be treated this way. I mean the big boy blogs doing the same thing as myself don’t get treated this way. It’s just shocks me how Twitter can treat people.

  14. Really odd with me, it appears from my Twitter analytics that two of the accounts I manage were shadowbanned on the very same day!?!? The businesses are in TOTALLY different spheres, with totally different audiences and different content strategies. The only thing tying them together but not my accounts that aren’t affected was me using IFTTT. But then with one it was for employees to auto-RT tweets, and with the other was to Tweet out the companies instagrams, so even that still doesn’t exactly explain it. Going to try all steps mentioned, thanks so much for this article, didn’t know what to do at all before!!

    • Got a really helpful person on Twitter ads support who I send a screenshot of one account to an they said they were passing it onto their engineering department and would email with an answer. Fingers crossed they do! Wonder if it will explain the issues on the other account too.

  15. I have seen this also and its worrying right, when an account you have deeloped and nurtured is suddenly rendered inoperable. You get no notification its happened (you find out from followers telling you on another social platform!, you get no reason why and no what do do to fix it. When you account does come back, you then get no explanation of what you did wrong if anything to avoid it happening again. Is it time for a Social Media Ombudsman ?

  16. Thank you for this information Tania! I was able to check if I’d been shadow banned.

  17. Well well well, as it would turn out TWITTER IS BEHIND THE SHADOWBANNING!

  18. The hell with Twitter, they want to ban me let them, what exactly is so important with Twitter that I can’t live without….. nothing.

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